Sunday, October 19, 2014

Utah- vacation

The flight to Utah was touch and go there for a minute but it was a lot easier only traveling for a few hours instead of a few days!  We got to SLC around 11, walking out of the terminal to see my mom standing there almost made me burst out in tears {I LOVE being home and spending time with my amazing family!!!} On the way home we had to make all the stops to see everyone we could, ending the trip at my dads new Institute building!  

Now for the all the exciting pictures in no particular order!

Jenson sure loves being around cousins! 

Game day! Go Cougars
We got to go to the Ogden Temple open house- breath taking!  After the open house we headed to Idaho to spend a few days with Babe's family (stay tuned for more on Idaho!)

^^ most of the boy cousins (missing 2) on the Craven side^^
One of my favorite things to do at my parents house is to just hang out outside on the grass, my dad has the best lawn in the neighborhood!  I could seriously stay out there all day, not to mention the amazing weather (cool nights!) I sure love it out there!
^^ Look at that creepy cat... haha^^
Another bonus to being home is finally getting my hair done by my amazing sister!  We also went on a hike up Adams Canyon-  Jenson and I didn't quite make it to the top but I still loved the time we had up in the beautiful mountains (sheesh I miss those!)

I love Layton!

^^ Babe and the others continued to the top, while Jenson and I slowly made our way back down to the car.  Once babe got to the top he rushed back down to meet us and ended up crashing pretty hard, poor guy!  ^^

We also went to the Salt Lake City Fair, walked around for a little bit then went to the rodeo!  

The day before Babe left to go home we ran a 5K (my first!)  It was a fundraiser for a cute little boy in my sisters neighborhood that has cancer :(  Thanks mom for watching Jenson!  

On Sunday morning Babe left and I started baby sitting all of my sisters kids for the week while they were on their cruise.  5 kids and me... It sure made for a long week but it also gave me a huge appreciation for my amazing sister- mothering is no easy task!  Next time I think Ill just go on the cruise with them and leave the kids with someone else. :)

Jenson also got his first big boy haircut, isn't he so handsome!?

Watching my cute nephews Luke and Kanyin at their soccer game!

Friday afternoon we packed up the car and headed to the airport, it was a long week and we were ready to see daddy (and go back to only having 1 kid!) ;) The flight home was pretty challenging with no extra seats and a child who reused to sleep, but we made it!  Another trip down, and what a success it was!  Can Christmas come any faster? I am ready to go back!

Utah Video HERE
Nauvoo HERE
Philly HERE
New York HERE

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