Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nauvoo Trip- day 1

We finally made it to Philadelphia, 20+ hour car ride with a 6.5 month old is not my idea of a fun ride but we made it!  Dad Hunt and Karl got to our house on Wed. night (20th) we left early the morning of the 21st.  To make the trip more pleasant we stopped in Nauvoo and toured around for most of the day.  Holy Cow!  I love Nauvoo.  The spirit in that city is overwhelming, such a special place!  We were lucky enough to meet up with the Wrights (they are from Inkom and serving a mission there right now)  they even gave us our own little tour.  Thank you!  Some of my favorite things to see were the Temple, Lucy Mack Smith's home, and Cartridge Jail.  There are still plenty of pictures to come {be prepareddddd!} but for now enjoy this little video of our vacation so far!  :)  Stay Tuned! 

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