Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tour our new house!

We have been living in our new place since April of this year and I have been wanting to do a video like our last apartment but haven't gotten around to it till now.  There are still things we need to do, things we need to get rid of, and things that need to find a new home but for now this is it.  I want to look back some day and be able to show our kids where we used to live (and how poor we were, because lets face it my plan is to be super rich.  And all my plans work out, right?) I didn't do this with all of our other homes (we have moved so many times, no one wants to see all of that!)  We are planning on being here till Babe is done with school {4 years and counting!}  It's really strange because it will be the longest we have ever lived in a place, while married... So here it is, our humble abode!  

(song: All My Pennies by Mindy Glendhill)
I'm not sure why the sound is kind of funky so sorry... :)

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  1. Looks great, Brielle! I have always loved that song, perfect song idea for a home tour video.