Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Philly? NYC? HELP!

We are lucky enough to get to head out to Philly for a week or so to visit Amanda, Marshall, and Kezman while Marshall is getting treatments for his cancer.  I have always wanted to go out that way ever since I saw National Treasure, and now we really are!  I am so stoked and excited to tour around a little bit.  I am not sure exactly what we will have time for but I want to get a good idea of fun things that we could do while we are there...Thats where I need your help, we really don't have much time or money so we want to get the most out of the trip that we can.  Where are the must see places in Philadelphia? I know we can't see everything but I want to get a good feel for the city, where are your favorite places?

I am also crossing my fingers (toes, arms, legs, and hair...) that we can go to NYC, we will be so close it would be so tragic to be that close and not go.  It would only be for like a day trip (unless someone has any hook ups that might let us stay... just sayin!) ;) I feel so overwhelmed when I think of everything in NYC that there is to see, and we can't see it all {if we only had unlimited funds and time...}  So if you had to pick your top favorites what would it be?  What is the best way to see the most, in the least amount of time?  How should we work transportation (cheapest!)  

I am starting to get anxiety thinking about all the places and things we are going to see on our vacation and I really need to get organized on paper, not in my head.  So any advice or tips on what to do and see around Philly, or NYC would be GREATLY appreciated!  

Also, if you happen to have any hook ups around Navoo area or NYC let us know!  We are heading out on the 21st of his month so we really need to start planning out our days so we can see and do the most, because who knows if we will ever get to go back again!  THANKS!!

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