Friday, August 8, 2014

Jenson's little snip snip

Remember back here when Jenson was born with a partial circumcision and hypospadia? Because of that Jenson was not circumcised when he was first born.  We had a consultation back in May with Dr. Gatti at Children's Mercy Hospital.  His partial circumcision he had at birth filled in {not sure of another way to say it...} so he didn't really have one anymore. We were also told that he did not have a hypospadia (cricked urethra) in other words he could of have a circumcision in the hospital when he was born but we rather be safe than sorry.  We were told that the night before his surgery Jenson couldn't eat anything after 6:00am and only clear liquids till 10:00 (his surgery time was at 1:00).  
Jenson LOVES to eat {like 5 oz every 3 hours or so, and then his veggies or cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner-yeah, loves to eat!} 

I knew we had to distract him the best we could until we went to the hospital around 12.  Normally Jenson sleeps through the night, or if he does wake up around 4 or so we just give him his binkie and he goes back to sleep.  Well the night before we decided that every time he woke up we would just feed him, then wake him up at 5:50 and feed him again so he is nice and full.  After waking him up at 6 I put him back to bed and he slept till around 7:45.  Babe and I decided to go for a walk to distract him, we got back around 9:30 and gave Jenson a water down bottle of apple juice and put him back to sleep.  Much to our surprise that actually worked, and he slept till 11.  When he woke up we gave him a bath, another great distraction! Afterwards Babe gave him a fathers blessing.  Can I just say what a blessing it is to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home,  I am thankful for the instant peace that came from his blessing {and it wasn't even for me!} The Church is true! 
 We got all check in and headed back to the waiting room, Jenson was so happy {he obviously had no idea what was about to happen.} 
 They called us back where we changed Jenson into the cutest baby gown, checked his blood pressure, weight {18lbs!}, oxygen levels, and heart rate.  They went over everything that was going to happen.  We met with the anesthesiologist, the nurses that would be with Jenson during and after surgery, and Dr. Gatti came and talked to us right before he went back.   
 He was doing really good until about 12:50 when he went to the point of no return {as babe likes to call it}  He was so hungry and all he wanted to do was eat, he scream for a good half hour.  We had multiple nurses trying everything they could {bubbles, push cars, lights, rocking, peek a boo etc...} but nothing worked, my poor hungry baby!  He finally calmed down, just in time to head back to surgery.  We said our good byes and went our separate ways.  I am happy to say there was minimal tears, but that was seriously not easy! 
 When we got to the waiting room it was about 1:45.  We tried to distract ourselves as best we could by watching HGTV {babe listened to his audio book}.  Dr. Gatti came and talked to us once he was done around 2:30,  everything had gone great and Jenson was now in the recovery room and we just had to wait till he woke up to see him!  

^^I can't get over how sad he looks in this picture, it breaks my heart.  I wish I could take away all his pain, but he sure is my brave little boy!  After we got home he was almost back to himself again!^^

The anesthesiologist gave Jenson a caudal block {sort of like an epidural but lower and only really numbs his special area ;)} It's supposed to keep it numb for 6 hours or more.  When he woke up he was still really hungry {du}  the nurse told us that they tried to give him some glucose water but it wasn't doing the trick {no really...}  They called us back and I could hear him crying from a few rooms away, it seriously broke my heart.  They finally gave him to us and he got to eat.  He chugged 5 oz and still acted hungry so we gave him  another 3 oz or so.  He was still so groggy and kept falling asleep, he was super cuddly though!  He still had his IV in, which had to be super painful, you could tell it was really bugging him so they finally took it out.  The nurse told us that there were like 9 nurses all fighting over who got to help him in recovery- they were dying over how cute he is and his adorable red hair {but seriously, who doesn't ;)} 

He was pretty gassy and it seemed like his stomach was bugging him a bit.  After his IV was out and he was fed he was still pretty sad so after the nurse told us everything we needed to do and what to expect we decided to head out.  We started packing up when I heard him start to burp- you know the one where you can hear something coming out besides just air.  Babe grabbed his burp rag just in case he spit up a little bit and handed him to me.  Seconds later he started to projectile vomit all over me {from my shirt to my shoes} himself {hair, shirt, pants}, and all over the floor- all 8oz we just gave him.  Luckly we were still in the recovery room and not in our car so the nurse grabbed some towels and wet rags and we cleaned up the best we could {once again the "soil" bag my mom made for me to put Jensons dirty clothes in came in super handy, your amazing mom!} and finally headed home.  

 ^^ notice the change in clothes, thankfully I have a fear about not being over prepared so I was ready!^^
We picked up something to eat while we were waiting for his prescription to be filled {we brought snacks to eat while we were waiting but little did we know we couldn't have food or drinks in the waiting room because they want to make it fair for those kids who can't eat or drink because of their surgery.  If I would have known that I would of eaten something before we left instead of at 7:00 when I woke up... so we were pretty hungry!)

When we got home I gave Jenson another bath because he threw up again as soon as we got home, not as much thankfully but enough to get a bath.  Thankfully the only thing we have to be careful of is to not scrub "down there" but everything else is the same.  He should only need pain meds for a day or two and then not really feel it at all.  It will take a few weeks to heal completely but thats only normal.  He was pretty groggy all night so we enjoyed some more HGTV {I blame my mom for my obsession with this channel!} and some cuddling.  Now to go to bed early and prepare for a long night a head of us...  wish us luck! 

Thanks Children's Mercy for watching out for my little guy we know he was in great hands, which made it really easy for us to not worry {as much!}  I sure do have a all new appreciation for parents who have to do this with their child often.  I can't even imagine to know how they can handle it.  In the grand scheme of things Jensons surgery was really nothing, but I am thankful for prayer and for the peace that I can receive.  

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