Monday, August 18, 2014

Dumpster finds

Our story starts like this (just one of the many reasons I love Lindsay so much!)
I woke up from my nap to find this awesome text waiting for me!  {ps thanks babe for watching Jenson so I could sleep away my headache!}
I jumped out of bed, ran down stairs and told Babe the good news.  Side note, Babe LOVES to play the piano {We would go to our church every time he wanted to play the piano}. He never took lessons or anything but he is simply amazing.  He memorized a few songs when he was younger and I'm not talking like Chop Sticks I am talking like Waterfall from John Schmidt and other amazing songs like that.  {excuse me while I go play Sweet Hour of Prayer... haha about the only song I can play} When we first moved here he wanted to get a piano but we had no room for it and honestly I didn't want to keep moving it place to place.  But since we are in our new place for quite some time thats a different story, but who has the kind of money?! Okay long side note... back to the story!

We decided to go take a look for ourselves,  when we walked over there they were still moving stuff into their UHAL and putting more stuff by the dumpster. We walked by pretending like we were doing nothing but then decided to forget it and just go look at the thing {embarrassing right?} I kept playing on my phone, pretending I was doing something very important,  {which Pet Saga is right?} and let Babe do all the work, which lets be real this piano is for him anyway.  The people kept walking past us loading of the dumpster with awesome stuff, I have no shame in dumpster diving {hello flash from the past, chip diving anyone?!} but luckily the dumpster was full so they just put stuff all around the sides, saving me from having to go diving.   As babe was checking out the piano I was eyeing all of the shelving they just put down {say hello to finally organizing our laundry room!}  I waited to long though and some old lady came out and took 2 of the shelves (which she couldn't even carry herself, she had Babe take them to her apartment) and they were small little shoe rack shelves... 1st rule in dumpster diving- if you can't carry it you can't take it.  {thats a rule right?}  I didn't waste any time and grabbed all the rest and put them in a pile by Jenson and I, just as she came back to grab more {ha sorry, finders keepers! ;)}  Okay that's harsh but seriously guys we have like no money and these were just what I needed, so I don't feel too bad... ;) okay maybe I could have given her the last shoe rack but to late now!  

I texted Lindsay to let her know we wanted to get the piano but we would need Travis to come help us lift it to our place (down the hill a ways... but down hill is better than up hill right?!)  They started to lift it and go, resting ever few seconds.  After all it is a full piano and that bugger is heavy- and there was only 2 people lifting it.  I think the people moving felt bad for us because they stopped moving and actually helped us lift it home- seriously?! Amazing people (and here I am stealing shelves from old ladies...) After using a car jack and taking the stoppers off our door it was finally in (boo for not having any pictures of the moving process... My bad!) We have a piano, even though the keys were broken we were excited, who needs the bottom keys anyway? ;) After taking it apart and opening it up Babe figured out the problem- and FIXED IT! As in the keys were not stuck anymore and the piano works perfectly fine, might need to be tuned some day down the road but not bad enough now.  And that my friends is how we got a piano out of the dumpster.  Now all we need is a piano bench and some piano books- oh and a way to hold the books since that part is missing too- any suggestions? 

One of my biggest regrets was quitting piano, you were right mom! So were starting Jenson young, no joke have you seen those you tube videos where the kids playing the piano are jaw dropping amazing and only like 5 years old?  That's going to be Jenson... he's our little money maker ;) {only in my dreams, right...} Some day he will thank me for pushing him to play the piano and if he doesn't then his wife sure will because my heart seriously melts every time Babe plays, I love the we know can have beautiful music playing in our house.  Hey I might even teach myself again in all my spare time! ;)

^^she sure is pretty, oh and did I mention free? Oh okay, just checking!^^

^^ He only wanted to play this song for the camera because he knew he wouldn't really mess it up.. hahah Oh and notice how he is sitting on our coffee table... yeah we really need a bench! (and yes we went back to the dumpster a few times, just in case they put one out! ;) ^^

Oh and remember those shelves I got?  They sure work perfect for our laundry room!  
^^ Before, we had a tote that had all our food storage stuff.  We almost would buy new stuff just so we didn't have to move everything to get into it.  It was seriously the most stressful thing!^^

^^ Ta DA!  I love being organized and it feel sooooo good to have the laundry room finally done!  Now I actually don't mind going in there.  Such a relief, I would of had more of those little white ones, but we all know what happened to those...^^

My sister mentioned she would drive around on garbage day getting all the awesome stuff people left out for the garbage man, well that might have to become a new weekly tradition of mine.  Because people here leave some pretty awesome stuff!  Thanks again Lindsay for telling us about it, and for Travis for helping Babe carry it, even though you didn't want to carry it in the first place! {we have awesome friends!}

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