Friday, August 29, 2014

Jenson- 7 months old

Jenson is a growing machine. He amazes me everyday with something new, I am so lucky to be able to stay home with him everyday!  He is taking much better naps during the day, only for and hour or two though.  He sleeps through the night, he goes to bed around 7-7:30 and wakes up around 6:30-7 :)  He can almost crawl the "right" way.  Right now he will get up and push him self forward with his legs and instead of moving his arms he will just fall to his stomach, and do it all over again.  He still gets around pretty fast though, even by doing that.  He also does some mean baby yoga, he will get up on all 4's with his bum all the way in the air then start raising one leg and will just stay like that until he gets tired, hahaha.

He sits up un supported until he wants something he sees and reaches for it.  He loves to walk/ run around (with help of course...)  he doesn't really like to be on all 4's so he always wants someones hands to walk around with.  He has to be in control,  I'll try to move my hands to his hips to hold him and he will get mad at me because he just wants to hold my fingers and walk himself (hashtag: red head).  His smile takes up his whole face, and I can't get enough of it! 
 He is such a happy boy, unless he is hungry (gets that from his mama!).  He hates being left alone and loves being held, (most of the time) but will not really "cuddle" with you and refuses to fall asleep on you.  (He has been sick lately though and only wants to be rocked to sleep-seriously melts my heart!).  
He has a half a tooth, the stupid thing wont come all the way through but you can feel it and see the very top of it!  I promise he can say "mom" and "mama"  no joke- I need to get it on tape so you can hear it.  And he knows he is saying it, I swear!  For example the other day Babe and I were both in the room with Jenson.  Babe was playing with him when I walked by him to put some clothes away he started crying and saying "mama" and scooted around and started "crawling" to me away from Babe.  Yeah- he knows who is mama is and I die every time he says it! He gives kisses too if you ask him, big slobbery wet ones!  He will also start sucking on your face, neck, shoulders and arms randomly (like no jokes attacks your shoulder like he is going to eat it off... kind of strange but so funny!)  

other likes: bath time, fans (seriously, so strange right?),  food, his jumperoo (mostly the little felt "hair" on the bird that he LOVES to suck on...), drinking water out of our cups,  stroller rides, people watching, Curious George (or maybe that's just me... love my little monkey boy!), cords (he will go all across the room for one!) phones, Infant Zoo Lite (a stupid app I have on my phone but he can watch it forever, and it always calms him down!) being wrapped up tight for sleeping. 

dislikes: when other people are eating when he's not, when his bottle is gone, long airplane rides (but who actually likes those...), being left alone,  nap time when he is having to much fun,  getting dressed,  and long car rides. 

Jenson is so full of personality I can't get enough of his long red hair (he even had his first hair cut while in Utah!) and blue eyes.  I am thankful everyday that he is ours, he fills our lives with so much joy, it's amazing we ever lived without him!  We love you Jenson Matthew! 

Photo credit: Chelsi Mae Photography- seriously Utah friends she is the best you will ever find and so worth it (totally cheap prices too!) you NEED her to take your pictures, I promise! :)

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