Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

 I seriously LOVE my birthday, I look forward to it all year and get pretty sad when it's over.  I feel like everyone should know it's my birthday everywhere I go, but lets be real here the world doesn't stop just for me! I woke up this morning to our house being all decorated-I love my husband!  Growing up my mom always decorated for our birthdays, I still love waking up and seeing the house decorated for my birthday!!  Babe had work and school most of the day so I spent the day at home with Jenson.  The most exciting thing we did was pack for our trip to Utah in the morning, having Babe home all day would have been the only thing that would have made my day any better.  
For dinner we had Lindsay, Travis, and Hailey over for homemade pizza night- that turned out amazing!  They are our family away from home and I am thankful they are always there for us!  
Babe spoiled me with presents but one of my favorites was the Jenson's foot imprinted on a little tile, so cute and so thoughtful.  Last year for my birthday I wasn't feeling so well (little did I know I was pregnant with Jenson) and this year I got to spend my birthday with my amazing little family. 

         ^^ Thanks for this awesome wreath Mindy^^
^^ Lindsay and I made our favorites on our pizza^^
 ^^ and Travis and Matt made theirs!^^ 
 ^^ now thats one serious wish thinking face!^^
 ^^ Thanks for taking this awesome action shot Lindsay!^^

 Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes!  It's crazy how fast years go by now... Here's to a great year being 23!

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  1. Dang I'm one good photographer. I should have charged you for my services! ;) I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday! I enjoyed having another piece of your birthday cake today!! :)