Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Down town Kansas City

Today we hit up the WW1 Museum, Union Station, and the Nelson Atkins Museum (only the outside) 

Babe had school all day, and since he has been to all of those before we went out early to get home before he did!  I love history and reading and hearing stories.  I am pretty sure I could spend hours here but with a grouchy toddler I spent most of it walking around and trying to keep Jenson entertained! 

 This is one of my favorite views!  Sadly the tower was shut down for renovation, but we got rain tickets to go again later! 

 Next up, Union Station! 

 Jenson LOVED the trains! 

It was 2 years ago to the day, that my sister where here to help me with Jenson.  We went to the Nelson Atkins museum and Jillisa took this picture.  So we all tried to recreate it.. not as easy as it looks! 

Oh I love sight seeing with family! 

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