Monday, February 11, 2013


Help,  what do I do for Valentines day?  Normally Babe and I switch off every year for who is in charge of valentines day or our anniversary.  This year should be his year for Valentines but we just switched it up and now I will always be in charge for V-day and Babe will be in charge for our anniversary.  For some odd reason Babe just doesn't appreciate V-day...;) I think it is more of a holiday for girls to feel better about themselves.  Why should there be just 1 day where you proclaim your love? Shouldn't it be all year long?  Even if that's true (which I also believe) it is still something fun to celebrate.  I am BIG into holidays, to say I love them would be an understatement.  Babe on the other hand is fine with just Christmas (shocking right?).  I go all out with decorating our house, and pinning everything I can find that might be fun to make or do.  But this year I am stumped... What have you done that you have loved? Any ideas? Anything would help, think about it and let me know! Just remember we are poor college students that normally eat cereal every night... :) Thanks!


  1. You probably think I am a creeper, but lately I am pretty much following everyone I know who has a blog! haha This is what I am doing for my husband, Staples Engineering print $1.80 and then I just got a frame for like 3 bucks. It was cheap but cute. I am also getting him a few other things and making a yummy dinner with his favorite treats!
    Here is an example of the photo:

  2. I have a friend ordering takeout (that is optional though) and making a fort in their living room to romantically snuggle, eat yummy foods, and watch a romantic movie. It's something cheap, but a special memory with plenty of picture-worthy moments. I have another more inappropriate suggestion for after that ....but if you are interested in that you can fbook message me :)

  3. Valentines Day at our house is a family party. We've been making valentines all week with things we love about each other and have hung them up. The 'Love Bug' comes to visit each morning and brings Mike and the kids something fun--chocolate, nuts, balloons. Tomorrow he's bringing cookie cutters and fruit snacks. Mike gets chocolate covered pretzels. For Valentines Day we are going to decorate cookies and have a Valentines day dinner--I'm making a loaf of break shaped like a heart and soup with heart shaped carrots in it (thanks pinterest!). Should be fun.