Saturday, January 21, 2012


Some of you might know that our brother in-law got diagnosed with Leukemia.  To show some support they all decided to cut off all their hair, to join Marshall.  We were talking about how scary it was for them to cut it off  and if they really wanted to when we kept thinking about Marshall and how he has no choice.  I know it was hard for them but all of them are so selfless, now I just have to get used to a baldy! If any of you feel like shaving your heads as well, feel free to put the money you would have spent into the Marshall and Amanda Family Trust, at any Wells Fargo location! Or feel free to donate whatever you can without shaving your head :)  Anything can help them, and whats better than helping those out that need you the most?! We love you Marshall and Amanda! :)


 I forgot to get a before picture of Drew but here they are the 3 baldies! 

 They couldn't stop touching each others head.

Aren't they cute?! 

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  1. I have alway been a fan of bald men:) looks great Matt! -- Good Luck to Marshall.