Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crazy much?

Today is the official one week mark of school starting and I am already crazy busy and ready for it to be over...  Don't get me wrong I love learning new things and getting ready for preschool to start, but I also love Matt, eating, free time, netflix, and hanging out with my friends.  And school is getting in the way of all of those :(  I am on campus or doing something school related (home visits for preschool, meeting...etc) from 7-7 and then when I get home I try to do homework and get ahead. Yeah right! Ahead?  Try even more behind!  Let me explain better...
I am in my preschool labs from 7:45-11:45 (and preschool hasn't even started yet... its a LONG 4 hours!)
from there I go to my Doctrines of the Gospel class, and then my Capstone class. I have a small break in between each but not long enough to go home and eat.  So why don't I bring food you ask?  Oh I would if we had any to bring...  So I fill my back pack with what we do have.  Wintergreen mints and werther's hard candy. Yup.  Good thing we have enough cereal- but we just ran out of milk. Poop.
Then on my Tuesdays and Thursdays I go to my Support teacher class (we talk about what we are doing in our labs... basically the class part of the labs) then right after I go to my Curriculum class.  At 4:30 I go to the seminary for our labs with all of the PPE majors students.  Now that's an enjoyable class.  Not! Oh and did I mention I have the same teacher for 4 of my classes?  yeah...So yeah I not in classes the entire day but not enough of a break either to leave.  And to top it off before school starts on the 18th for preschool we are going to each of our students houses to see them in their envelopment and pre assess. We have parent orientation tonight, and a open house room on Friday.  So what right? You picked this major...  Yeah I did and I really am loving it but after you start working on your lesson plan for 3 hours a day and that's only the start it begins to get kinda annoying.  I am hoping it is going to change when our kids actually come, but right now its all just paper work, learning the system, and listening to the same things over and over again.

I figured I could be doing my homework but I really just needed to vent, and get my mind off my growling stomach until I get to finally go home at 6:30.  And if I know Matt which I do, he will have already made something for me to eat and ready to talk about my day!  Isn't he just the best?!  But that also is if he is already home...  So sorry for the long post with no pictures I am just at school and don't have any with me. My to do list for tonight is to actually clean the house, go shopping with what money we have to get a few things to eat (I just keep reminding myself of my dreams growing up living on love not money...)  finish the homework I need for tomorrow, and maybe even finish the laundry.  Maybe. So until next time wish me luck.  Oh and if you see me around remind me not to wear heels, even if they are cute.  Beauty hurts right? Wrong! This pain I feel is totally NOT worth the beauty or slipping on the ice... or is it? Something to think about...

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  1. Brielle! You'll love it when the kids are around. All the dumb lesson plans and time spent doing nothing is worth it.... mostly. haha. Good luck. Love ya!