Thursday, January 19, 2012

secretly freaking out...

Today after school we are jumping in the car to head down to Inkom. Not so bad.  We are going to go to the dentist because Matt lost a filling and is in pain.  I wanna go to the place where we got my ring and get it cleaned :) (free cleanings for life!) because I haven't had it cleaned since we were married.  Except for when I use toothpaste- thanks mom for that tip!  It really works :) So your probably thinking "so why are you freaking out?" Well let me enlighten you...Sam.  Sam is Matt's younger brother (just below him) and has been on a mission in North Carolina.  Well you see Matt and I became friends and started dating after he left so I never got to meet him.  Everyone tells me he is like a giant teddy bear, but I also know that is the only person Matt has ever yelled at and wanted to hurt before in his life.  I guess I am just sacred he wont like me...he comes home to 3 new nieces 1 new nephew and a sister n law.  A lot has changed since he went out and I just don't what he is going to think of me.  So there it is.  Matt laughs at how much I am freaking out (I was worried about how to do my hair, what to wear, and to add on to that I couldn't sleep last night...) So wish me luck.  I'm off to meet my new brother n law! : /

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  1. Brielle, breathe! haha. I know the feeling, but you'll laugh at yourself later. Even if he doesn't like you, you and Matt are together forever no matter what people think. But I guarantee he'll not only like you, but love you! Who in the world doesn't like you? You're amazing. Good luck. Show him how awesome you are and everything will be grand.