Monday, September 19, 2011

Home make over!

My AMAZING mother came up this week to help me fancy up our place! Be aware this is a picture over load but you just have to see how amazing she is! (BTW our place is TINY but its our little home!) and all the little frames that are empty or walls that look like they need a little more are all getting vinyl sayings on them, they are  just not up yet!
 Before's: Living room...

 2nd bedroom 
 master bedroom 

 We got these super duper cute chairs from some friends, we loved them the way they were before but the orange didn't go so well with our color scheme so we had to re do them!
 they were kinda a pain... hehe
 We got this idea from Pintrest!- what would I do with out that web site?! yahoo

 the "Hunt & Co" clock in the making!
 ta da!! don't they look good?! 

Drum roll please......

  the family room wall now! We themed each room, the family room is the "Christ" room the master bedroom is the "Matt and Brielle" room -du... and the 2nd room is the "friends and family" room!
 My dad and Kyron came up to visit and pick up my mom on friday... they were not so hip on all the decorating so they just took naps :)
 Bed room- once again thank you Pintrest for the cute headboard idea! 

 2nd room- friend side... no fear its never going to be a finished room there will always be more pictures!
 Family side- still need to get pictures though
 the plate wall! :) isn't it so cute! and rare, we LOVE it!! 

 Matt painted/ drew this picture... pretty much he is amazing- I married such an artist!!

Thanks mom for the total house make over, it was such a fun week- just us two! Thanks soooo much your the best! 


  1. When can your mom come decorate my house? She wouldn't even have far to go, she'd still be able to sleep in her own bed at night. How about putting that bug in her ear. :)