Monday, August 29, 2011

the time has come!- caution this is a LONG post!

The day of our wedding was FLAWLESS! That morning my parents Matt and I were all driving up to the Bountiful temple, my parents were telling us about there wedding day and how thing after thing kept going wrong... and the only thing I can think of that went wrong is my uncle from out of town forgot his church pants (but no fear my aunt Suzanne and uncle Bradlee stepped up to the challenge and found him some!) I will never forget the feeling sitting in the celestial with Matt just talking about life and making plans and such (it was also the longest wait ever! Knowing all our friends and family was waiting for us in the sealing room!)  But the sweet old lady soon came and got us and took us there,  when we walked in the room was FILLED with our family and friends- no joke that thing was PACKED! We felt sooo loved, there was even many more people we wish we could have invited to attend.  My grandpa Craven got to preform the sealing, and it was beautiful!   I don't remember everything but I do remember balling my eyes out.  My mother n Law explains the wedding as "the heavens were truly opened"  and that is so true.  My uncle Donlee came up after and gave me 2 huge hugs and said " the second one was from grandma and grandpa" I know they were there right by our sides, what a blessing it is to know that families are forever and we can be close to those who have passed on in the temple.  That morning was difficult for me knowing that they wouldn't be there, but I felt them when we walked in and I know they are watching us from above!
The temple is such a powerful place- seriously don't miss it for the world!   Jillisa and my mom helped me get all beautified again  and it was time to go see everyone else... we were seriously blown away at the amount of people that came to support us on that special day.  Chelsi had mentioned that she had never photographed a group that big before!
Just to rewind a little bit to the Monday before our wedding.... We wanted to go and take our bridal/groomals   at the temple early so that we didn't have to be all day taking pictures after our wedding.  Well when we got there the temple was closed (normally the grounds are still open but not when its closed for cleaning...) well we drove around and found a open spot and so we started to kinda... sneak in haha well we were stopped by a security guard, Chelsi talked him into 20 minutes just to take a few shots.  And thats just what we got, exactly at 20 minutes he came and told us we had to leave :( So we didn't get a ton of  pictures liked we hoped but we got enough!  So the day of our wedding we took the group shots and just a few extra ones, which worked out perfect because the temple was SOO busy that morning (like 15 wedding just that morning)  So the pictures that we got that monday would not of even been possible because of the amounts of people!

 Matt doesn't know what he got himself into... hehehe

 We seriously have the best friends in the world! What a blessing it is to have them! (we are missing a few that couldn't make it :( but we still love you guys!!)

After all the pictures we headed to a church in Woods Cross (Amanda and Marshell live there so they helped us get a church! Thanks guys!) for our luncheon.  It looked beautiful and we had even more people there that were not at the temple... I am serious when I say we were sooo blessed and LOVED everyone that came!  We had planned our wedding just in time too so that some of my out of town cousins could make it!  It was so fun to see everyone, even some I haven't seen in years! Red Flame catered our lunch but my moms AMAZING friends Bonnie and Denise served it and made everything go by perfectly! We had a small program with Amanda and Marshell singing their song they wrote for us! (I have to get a hold of the video recording from that day then I can share it!)  Matt and his dad and brothers sang, and we had some words of wisdom from our grandparents, and parents!
 After the luncheon we headed to the church for last minute set ups for the reception.  Everything was kinda crazy but eventually we got everyone at the church to take some more family pictures. Can I just say Chelsi is amazing!  We were so lucky to have her in our family and as our photographer!! Thanks Chelsi!!
 I am sooo grateful for my parents and for all that they do for me!  I hate living so far away from them :(

 all the nieces and nephews minus Luke :( he was sleeping and we didn't catch it in time! :( sorry buddy!

 Brian and Matt are like Ashley and I best friends since little and inseparable ever since! We are sooo lucky to have them! Brian tells me that he doesn't feel like he lost his best friend but gained another eternal one! I feel the same,  not many people could understand there friendship but I can cause I am the same way with Ashley if that makes since... anyway, we are just blessed to have them!! Now only if they would date....hahaha
The reception was BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks to everyone that helped!  Mostly my amazing sisters and my mom for all of their ideas and putting it all together!
 Mindy and my cousin Jenifer made our cake!  They did SUCH a good job!!Thanks!!
 My mom thought of these: they are wine glasses with little lights in them, then paper as the shade- isn't she just AMAZING!?! We also made all of the balls in the center piece from the play pit balls and mini foam golf balls... they took FOREVER but it was good bonding time :)

 The blue quilt you see is from Matts mom, she HAND sowed it!  You can't tell in the picture but its the Bountiful temple in the middle, she is seriously amazing and put all of her blood sweat and tears- honestly! into it! Its something we will cherish forever!
 It was kinda a long night... but we had lots of people so up and party with us so it was really fun!

 all my AMAZING aunts and uncles helped keep the food stocked! :) 
 Its tradition for all the aunts on my moms side to all come and help with the weddings... and how fun that was! I only wish we didn't leave right after the reception so that I could spend more time with them, because I never really get to see them :(

 This is Kezman (above) and Kanyin (below) they were born about a week apart from each other! Kanyin on our side and Kezman on Matts... how funny is that!
The night was perfect!  

 I love how Matts hands are IN my mouth! He said he was trying not to get any cake on my dress... what a gentlemen! haha

 We kinda rigged the bouquet toss at the Layton reception... But what can I say when we were little we promised each other we would get married close to one another and so she just really needs to get married! :)
 We even party hard...  When we were at school Brian got us for Africa (thats where he went on his mission) we started listing to the Shakira song Waka Waka... if you don't know it click on this link:  anyway we wanted to learn the dance and so we did, every night before we would all go home we would watch this and practice the dance (it had been a while and we didn't have Shakira with us so we didn't remember all the moves...) But it was fun to do it all together again! If I can get that video too ill post it.

 *Side note: since Kyron and I are the 2 youngest in our family we got really close once everyone started moving out.  When  I would come home from school I would be sooo bored (because all my friends were back at school) that he would stay home and watch movies with me or offer to let me hang out with him and his friends... hahah  but the point is now he is the only one at home and some days I miss him, a lot and other days not so much :) haha when we were on our honeymoon he wrote me a really cute note and it made me realize that we had become really good friends over the years... so Ky just a FYI if you ever wanna come up and hang out with me just let us know because you can get up here for free because of Matts job! :) and I would love to have you come up for a weekend and hang out like we used to!
 and that was that one reception down one to go... but lucky for us we were headed off to Cancun in between them!!
My aunt Becky and uncle Ron got us our wedding night in an king executive suit for our wedding night! It was perfect! Thank you guys again!!!

 we had to be to the airport by 5:30 but our shuttle left at 5AM... it was a REALLY early morning but I slept most the way anyway!
our hotel was beautiful! and it was all inclusive- perfect!!
We had a shopping tour one day...
 played on the beach a lot! The water is AMAZING! But a word to the wise don't wear your favorite head band or new sunglasses in it the waves love to take them away from you...
 most the time it was about 110 degrees and 100% humility... it was HOT!
 We even went to Chiten Itza (spelling?) One of the 7 wonders of the world!! 
  and swam in a Cenote where I was forced to face my fear of fish and swim with huge catfish...and you can't really stop swimming cause this water is like 118 feet deep or something like that... hahah
Thursday came so fast and it was time to go home..

after a LOONG day of traveling we were excited to be back home!  Just a word to the wise if you are ever planning a trip to Mexico make sure to plan for about an extra 3 and a half hours once you get off the plane for immigration stuff... they are NOT organized at all and its about 100 degrees in there! But over all it was well worth it!

We got back late Thursday night or I guess you could say early Friday morning... hahah  We stayed that night at my parents house, woke up early packed the cars and everyone caravan ed up to Inkom for our second reception that night.  Everything was go go go but we got the church all set up and looking beautiful!

 We had soo many people show up and tell me how amazing Matt is :) I seriously married the most amazing guy ever!

 *side note!  Josh's birthday was yesterday! he just turned 2!!  I love you Joshy! :)

 Amanda and Marshell sang their song again! 

 We had a little program here too!  I LOVE that I married into a VERY musical family!!

 Just watching the show! :)
 This time Melissa caught the bouquet fair and square! Which was perfect because she also needs to get married!! :) hahaha
 Katelyn sang us a VERY beautiful song about butterflies! All made up on the spot- hahah it was the cutest thing eveeer! :)
 The whole clan! :) We have the best families and we are sooo lucky we all got along so well!  We went up to their house in the morning and opened all of the presents, ate breakfast and shot some guns!  I think I may have converted my family on the idea of Inkom!  It wouldn't surprise me at all if they come up every now and again to party, shoot guns, camp, ride bikes, and hang out again! :)

  Thank you everyone who helped make our day perfect (both days!) We love you all and are sooo grateful for all of your love and support!! :)
Love, the Hunts! :)

PS.  who's gonna have to use it?! I didn't! :) The race is on!


  1. Brielle! You are amazing! And so stinkin beautiful. I love you and Matt.

  2. Baha- pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. That pic of your dad on top of the cake made me laugh forever. still laughing here

  3. I must say that these pictures are really amazing. Best part in almost all the outdoor weddings are the event locations selected by the host. They should budgeted, decorated and most important the location. Hunting for a favorable one for my sister in law's baby shower party. Want to make it a memorable day for her.