Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby Boy Update

We have been pretty lucky as doctors appointments go and getting to see our little guy at every appointment.  I am not sure how that worked exactly but I sure love it! We found out we were pregnant in Idaho, moved to Utah and had our first 3 doctors appointments then moved to Kansas to have him.  This little guy is already a world traveler ;) okay a state traveler but what's the difference? 

So I wish I remembered all the stuff the doctor told us during our appointments but I do remember he is healthy and growing, thats all that matters anyway!

In Utah a typical appointment went something like this:
We would arrive about 10 minutes early, but still stay in the waiting room for a hour or more (no joke).  Finally we would get called back the nurse would ask us if everything was going okay and if we had any questions. Then she would turn on the tv and we would watch a movie about what week we were on until the doctor came in. The doctor would then ask the same questions as the nurse did and then take us back to have our ultrasound.  He would show us our adorable baby tell us everything is going good, print off pictures then send us on our way. I just thought thats how appointments went until we had our first appointment with our new doctor.  Don't get me wrong I loved our last doctor but I never really knew what was going on.  

I was nervous for our first appointment here but this is how it went:
We arrived the normal 10 minutes early, filled out paperwork and checked in.  About 10-15 minutes later the nurse called us back, went over our paperwork, asked us questions, and took some time to get to know us, and where we had come from.  After she left the doctor came in a minute later.  She stresses that she wants me to know what's going on as much as she knows.  She told me why I might be feeling some of the cramps I do and some things I could do to help. We listened to his heartbeat then we went back for a ultrasound.  We won't have one every time but since we were new she wanted to see him.  The ultrasound tech told us about what we were seeing and that everything was healthy.  Baby boy is really low and doesn't like to show his face and when you can see it he has his hand up and covering it (sidenote, thats how I sleep/lay down too.  My hands are always up by my face! I love that he does that also!) After the ultrasound we went to the drs. office and had a little chit chat (I think this is also because we are new but who knows...).  We talked about the different hospitals we can go to, about what all the test were I had taken previously.  We talked about things we are going to do at our next appointment.  She taught me different pressure points to help with my headaches and told me some stuff that might help with my morning sickness.  We talked a while more then we headed home.  I actually left feeling educated and prepared.  Can I just tell you what a relief it was that this is how it turned out.  I was so scared to move to Kansas to have and not know any doctors.  Lucky for me our good friends suggested this clinic and we are in love.  Couldn't of asked for a better doctor.  
The Lord truly knows our needs, we are so blessed and can't wait for this little guy to join our family.  

So the moment you have all been waiting for, or if you are like me you just skipped to this part in the first place... the pictures! And sorry for the crappy picture of a picture look, our printer is broken so I couldn't scan in the pictures.  
 Isn't he just the cutest thing you have ever seen? 

 His cute legs! :)
 In Utah our doctor told us his foot was and inch long, he is going to have some big feet! 

 Can you see his hands up by his face? sooo cute!
Look at that spine! 

These next one are the ones that tell us he is is boy... even though I can't see it ;) 
 It all just looks like a blur to me, so I will just trust the doctors that it's a boy! 
This is the ultra sound our first doctor gave us.  We had a gender reveal party so the doctor didn't tell us what we were having.  This is what he gave us in the envelope.  The diagram was on the back of this picture, it's supposedly a mirror image but once again all I see is a blur.  

So there you have it our healthy little boy.  I'll try to remember the details on our next appointment so I can give you some real information, but until then! 

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