Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nebraska Furniture Mart

While shopping at Legends {outlet mall} this past weekend we decided to go across the street and check out Nebraska Furniture Mart.  This place reminded me of Ikea, but not set up that way and everything else seemed so much bigger.  
 We are told you can see this building when flying its so big...
 We spent a good amount of time just looking at these enormous rugs... seriously these things would take up our entire living/kitchen area, some were not even that badly priced either.  Oh and I have never seen that many rugs in one location in my entire life.  So cool I tell you! 
 Babes favortie part was the electronics and TV's, there was even a TV for $24,000 its was like a 87in! 
 The whole upstairs is set up like RC Willey's on steroids, couches everywhere!  We even tried out most of them!  I saw this awesome coffee table and wanted it just because it looks so functional, especially for us taller people! 
 They pretty much have anything you will need in your house (kitchen appliances, washers/dryer, vacuums, electronics, couches... you get the idea) but they also had plenty of things for your outdoor living.  Check out how massive this BBQ is... Now that calls for some serious coals!  
If you don't believe me at how awesome this store is then you will just have to come and see it for yourself, I'll even drive you there. ;) 

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