Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halfway there already!

It feels like just yesterday we found out we are pregnant, now we are already halfway there to meeting our baby boy! By the way don't mind the weird backdrop... I wanted to take a picture before we went outside and my hair went all crazy (dang humidity!) 


  1. Seriously, you are so dang cute! Your baby bump looks perfect! Keep these blog posts coming! Please and Thank You!

  2. Time for some updates, girly!!! Maybe like a tour of your house again (was it on the blog, or just FBook?)? Or the top 10 things you LOVE of Kansas so far? Or the top 10 things that are DIFFERENT or STRANGE about texas so far? PS...I'm making you a package!! Hope to send it next week...will FOR SURE send it before Matt's birthday cuz it will include that little bit of cash for that stuff we talked about! :) LOVE YOU!