Friday, September 20, 2013

Legend...wait for it...ary!

Like I mentioned HERE when we went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, we also went to Legends with some of our good friends Lindsay and Travis (and a few others from our ward).  

For my birthday I got a gift from some of my siblings with just money for some good ole shopping {retail therapy as I like to call it} My sister even connected with Lindsay and found out the best shopping centers around and set up a shopping day.  When I got this for my birthday my mind was racing with everything I wanted to get for myself {too selfish? haha} but little did I know that the next week I would find out I was pregnant {HERE}.  I now have this problem where all I want to buy is baby stuff... even though I desperately need some new maternity clothes. Lucky for me Babe also likes to look for baby stuff so thats what we did.  We hit up almost every baby store there (Lindsay and Travis have an adorable little girl and have the same problem as me so we all had fun shopping for our babies instead of ourselves!)

 Now this place is awesome, if you have ever been to City Creek in SLC it's somewhat like that but every store is actually affordable, bonus!  When we first got there it was time for lunch so we hit up 5 Guys, note to self when you are sharing a fry between 2 of you a small from there is plenty! 
 Walking from the car Lindsay kindly told me that I had on 2 different flip flops... I seriously couldn't stop laughing.  I always thought those people who blamed everything on their "pregnancy brain" was full of it but seriously it's a real thing. I won't even begin to tell you everything else I have done.  So yes I walked around all day all self conscience that people were looking at me funny but all in all it was pretty funny. 
 We even found the start of the "yellow brick road!" Seeing as we are in Kansas.  I only wish all I had to do was click my mis matching flip flops together and it would take me home.  Unfortunately that only happens to Dorothy so looks like I'll have to stick to the old fashion way. PS don't mind the dumb way I am standing, I seem to always stand pigeon toed, as Jilisa calls it.

There are large statues all over as well.  This one reminded me of Mike, he hobby right now is fly fishing so I just had to take a picture! 
 We decided to take a short break on some of the benches outside so I could give my aching feet a rest and it helped that the weather was simply perfect!  Soon after sitting down we were joined by these two.  I couldn't help but laugh when I studied them a little closer.  If you look closely you can see that the young man in the green shirt has very hairy legs and no arm hair, while the older man next to him has very hairy arms and no leg hair.  I don't know why I found this so comical but I just had to take a picture... Maybe they should switch some of their limbs, just a suggestion! :)

Thanks Legends, you were good to us!  I even found Baby Boy some polo shirts (just like his daddy!) and some shorts for $5. I know I say this on every post, maybe it's my way of making you all jealous that you are not here.  But if you come to visit, we will make sure to stop here.  We want to go to another outlet mall close by called the Plaza. We drove through it a little bit on our way to drop my parents off at the airport and it looked awesome.  Stay tuned! 

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