Monday, November 12, 2012

Lead Week

This week was the start of my lead teaching week in preschool.  Wed. is my 2-teacher day (only 2 teachers in the room the whole day) sound easy enough right? Wrong.  When your students are used to 6-8 teachers in the room at a time, when you go down to only 2 teachers things get CRAZY!  I am so nervous for how it will turn out... It's going to be a long week.  All prayers are welcome :) But on the plus side after this week I don't have to teach anymore! Yahooo I'll just have to go to preschool and hang out with the children, now that's easy!  I love my major and am so thankful everyday to be working with young kids they inspire me so much and I really do try to follow their examples  cute story.  For the sake of privacy I will be naming the children in my story child 1 and child 2 (original right?) For some background: So today I had the marble works out (ramps that they can build for the marbles and stuff) Child 1 has a tendency to take things without asking or hitting other children when they don't get their way... previously in past times child 1 has hit child 2.  

Child 2:  I don't want to play with him (pointing to child 1) because he hit me.
Me: I don't think he meant to hit you though
Child 2: ya he did! And he didn't say sorry!
Me: I bet he meant to say sorry, I am so sorry that happened to you!

Child 1 then goes up to child 2 to take away some of his marbles

Me: remember child 1 you have to ask before you just take things because child 2 is playing with those right now.
Child 1:  Can you share with me? (to child 2)
Child 2: (Places his arm around the shoulder of child 1 and pulls him in close)  softly says:  Yes, but only if you promise to NEVER hit me again.
Child 1: I promise!

It was so simple (and maybe confusing for you...) but how quick they are to fogive and befrind someone that has hurt them before just amazes me.  The played for a long time after that like they were best friends.  Child 2 remember what had happened to him but as soon as he talked it over with Child 1 then they were fine and he remembered it no more.  

Another cute example from a friend in another lab:

For dramatic play during preschool, we had a stage set up with microphones and dress up clothes for performing. One child in the class was about to perform, and then he says, "Wait! We have to say a prayer before we start." He then proceeds to call a child up on stage to say an opening prayer, and he whispered exactly what should be said in the prayer. 

See what I mean.  I am blessed everyday to do what I do!  I love my major and I love working with these little children!

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