Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break-Jenson comes to town!

If you follow me HERE then sorry you probably have seen all of these pictures, enjoy them again! ;)
Because of picture overload i'll have a few different posts about more specific things! :)

I am so lucky to have such a hard working husband that provides for our little family so that I can stay home with our little boy!  I know it's not easy for Babe and it takes it's toll on me too, thats for sure but we are slowing getting into a rhythm and making this whole parenting thing part of our everyday lives. My sisters came out to visit us on March 6th and to meet their newest nephew!  We filled our days with shopping, site seeing, church history, movies, junk food, and talking... It was a much need break for me and I LOVED showing them around our town!  Our original plan was to surprise my whole family by flying back with them a week earl,y before Babe would drive down to Utah and meet us there for his spring break.  It would have all worked out except that we found out Babe didn't get a spring break from school, and he couldn't miss that many classes.  Poop. I had already bought my ticket back in December (one way) so if I wanted to get home I had to get another ticket and fly home with Jenson all alone (talk about nerve racking!) But thats just what we did,  most of my family already knew I was coming (it's a hard secret to keep, give me a break ;)) except for my dad and my sisters in law (my in-laws where visiting us here when we found out about not having a spring break and so they figured out what our dilemma was and helped us out-making it even better int the end so I could see all of them!)

I am so thankful for all of my sisters help while they were here, when we flew home, and while we were there!  I love having lots of helping hands!  It was so fun to have everyone meet Jenson for the first time. The first thing most people said was "He really does have red hair!" In pictures you can't really tell that well but in person it really it, it seemed to shock everyone!  We had a girls day with my sister n laws where my MIL said she was planning a surprise but no one knew what, they drove down to utah and she came and picked me up later.  It was such a fun surprise!  We had my brother in law Marshall holding Jenson when Amanda came home for work (I hid in the kitchen)  when she walked in the door the first thing she said was "Who's baby is that? Is that Jenson?!"  She could tell instantly by his hair, not even looking at his face yet haha

Grandma and Grandpa Great (Craven)
My dad didn't even notice I was there until someone said something, he was even talking to my grandparents who was holding Jenson! He was having a long day... :)

^^Cousin Kezman (only boy cousin on the Hunt side), and cousin Hailie^^

^^Aunt Melissa and Grandpa^^

Cousin Greysin 

^^Cousin Katelyn, she couldn't get enough of Jenson and wanted to hold him all the time, she is such a good helper! ^^
^^ Grandma and Grandpa Hunt^^

^^Katelyn and Aunt Chelsi^^
Cousin Jennifer! 
 (Sorry for all that pictures... I wish I would have gotten one with everyone who held Jenson but I totally spaced it!)

While in Utah I even got to see my best friend, she went on a mission and I wasn't able to be home in January when she got back, it was sooo nice to catch up and to see her again.  I just realized that we didn't take any pictures though... wow how lame am I?! I guess she will just have to come out here now! :)  We got really lucky and got to see a lot of our family and friends, we just wish Babe would have been there also.  A week went by really fast but we were so excited to finally be back in Kansas with Babe again.  He is so generous for letting us go and have fun while he worked and was in school.  We are so thankful for him and for all he does for us!  We love you!
We spent some time outside in the much needed sunshine! 

 Sunday family walk! 

 We love face-timing with daddy but being with him in person is much better! 

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