Friday, March 21, 2014

When my sisters come to town!

We were so lucky to have my 2 sisters come and visit us (we missed you Chelsi and mom!) It was just a short vacation but I had a ticket to fly back home with them so it all worked out!  I'd say we had a pretty darn well good time!  
They got into town late Thursday night, we picked them up from the airport and stayed up late talking and eating candy!
On Friday we started our morning early by going shopping at Oak Park Mall, Babe took the baby since he didn't have class so we enjoyed the morning with just us. ;)
Later that day we went to Legends outlet mall and had some major shopping success! 

^^Since we didn't have a stroller things started to get heavy with all our bags and the diaper bag so we started to choose stores with carts just to give our shoulders/arms a break!^^ 
Mindy with all the bags (she said it made her look rich!) and Jillisa with Jenson-so nice to have them around!! 
 On Saturday we all headed to see the Plaza, Crown Center, Liberty Memorial,  Hallmark museum, and  to see the Birdies!


Not pictured Lunch at Cheddars!  Our favorite restaurant! 
^^Watching movies and drinking Italian Sodas^^
After Church on Sunday (thank you Jenson for having your first MAJOR blow out during church... and Jillisa for changing him and getting poop all over your hand!)  We headed to see some church history sites, Liberty Jail, Independence Visitor Center, and the Temple!
^^ I love THIS blog and her segment "Oh the Places you go..."  I decided I wanted to start doing something like that also.  It will work better with Babe anyway because he sure hates getting his picture taken, and just taking a picture of your feet isn't as bad!  This is the first of many to come, I hope!^^
 Monday came and we were ALL off to Utah to surprise my family! Check out THIS post to see the things we did while we were there! 
Had to make a stop on the way to the airport here, so Jillisa could find a shirt for Austin! :) 

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