Saturday, March 22, 2014

Craven Cousins

While we were in Utah we decided it was the perfect time to update my moms pictures of all of her grandkids.  Okay seriously though, how perfect are all of my nephews and niece?  They seriously bring me so much joy I can't even describe it to you!  
Jenson is grandkid #8 (#7 grandson... poor Katelyn #weneedaburninghambaby) on my side
On the Hunt side he is grandkid #7 (#2 grandson, but first grandson with the Hunt last name) :)
On my Craven side he is the #31st great grandchild
On my Watson side he is the #30th great grandchild 
I have yet to figure out his placement on the Hunt/Mckee side (anyone wanna do that for me?) ;) 

In May we will have all of the Hunt side back together and will be updating our family pictures then, stay tuned till then for those cousin pictures! :)

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