Saturday, December 31, 2011

A year in review..

And So the year  began... all our girl friends were off track so Ashley and I became roommates best friends! And since everyone was gone except for our guy friends- we started to spend most the time over at their house.. and that's where it begins! 
 January: We met Drew for the first time while at Wingers- trust me he is life changing! :) sledding party at Matts house in Inkom, Drew and Ashley started dating! :), Matt and I had our second date, bowling... and started becoming more official!

 February:  Lots of trips home, Valentines with Melissa, becoming officially boyfriend/girlfriend, gaining patience with messy roommates, went to Inkom to meet Matts family as his girlfriend.

 March:  Matt came home to meet my family,  dates, dates, dates, first time eating a space burger, GETTING ENGAGED!! (now saying it like this it seems like we hardly even knew each other before getting engaged, we had been good friends for a year and a half before that...) Little Luke was born!

best surprise EVER!!
April: conference weekend with our friends, random rain showers, long distance relationship...

May: Dates,  family masterful discussions, crafts with mom, birthdays, and more birthdays, friends wedding, 

 June: little Kanyin born, wedding showers, hiking, trips to Twin Falls, Stadium of fire, trip to Arizona with Matts extended family.

July:  work, work ,work, wedding plans, wedding pictures... 

August: Best day of my life, Cancun honeymoon, family vacation to St. George, Drew and Ashleys wedding,  our miracle Luke

 September: Katelyn came to visit, random trips with Matt, Mom cam up and help decorate our house, Matt turned 24, conference, family pictures,

October: trips home, photo shoots, Karaoke, haunted houses, Kyron visits, Yellowstone, pumpkin walk with family, baby Addison born

November: 1st snow in Rexburg, grandma Hunt's wedding, plays: footloose, and homeless. Thanksgiving at grandma and grandpa Cravens, traveling, exploring waterfalls

December: Family nativity, first Christmas together, making Christmas cookies, visiting grandma and grandpas grave, friends Christmas, a year of memories and growing more in love every day!! What a great year it has been, one Ill never forget! :) 

On to 2012! :) 


  1. I love this idea of your year in review. I may copy you if that's okay! I love all the pictures!