Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friends Christmas party

The last 2 Christmas's all of us friends get together and have a party!  Full of food, presents, laughter, friends, and foooood! Last year Lindsay and Travis were engaged, and now there are 4 married couples, 1 dating couple, 1 sister missionary (Emily!!), and 4 friends just living life!  It's been fun to keep adding more people to our group, and the group is just gonna get bigger!! :) 
 This year we were at Drew and Ashley's house, we had a HUGE feast, opened white elephant gifts, and played games.
 oh... and took lots of pictures and goofed around like always! 
 It is also a pajama party- my favorite! Yay!!  For Christmas this year we bought these matching "Angry Birds" pants and decided to wear them just this once, before Christmas. :)

 I don't know how many of you know this but Matt has some weird faddish with dressing up.. haha he loves wearing weird hats and outfits- just another reason why I love him sooo much! :)

Our group-minus Melissa :( we missed you Mel! With out white elephant gifts!  How fun it is to relax and hang out with those you love! Merry Christmas everyone! :) 

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