Monday, April 21, 2014

Jenson's 2 Month Stats

So I am like wayy behind but I didn't want to forget Jenson's 2 month stats (he was a more like 2 and half months when we went to the doctor since he was sick and couldn't get his shots right when we turned 2 months) 

Weight: 12lbs 14.5 oz (50%)
Hight: 24 in (76% and to tall for all his pants!)
Head: 16.5 in (97% it's all brain ;))
 Loves: bath time, cuddling, eating, being sung to, going for walks, smiling, changing his diaper, and standing up
Hates: dirty diapers, his nose sucker, hard surfaces (seriously he could sleep for hours on the couch or our bed!) 
 Sometimes I just sit and look at him and can't believe he is mine.  We are the luckiest!  

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