Monday, April 21, 2014


Happy Easter!  Holidays with kids are so much more fun, even though Jenson is a little to small to be doing the whole egg hunt/ eater bunny tradition we still had a fabulous weekend!  My mom bought him this adorable shirt, some times it pays to have the last name Hunt ;)  

 He has such a fun personality already.  Some of the faces he gives me  I can't help but laugh, he is such a stud! And I am pretty sure his hair is getting more red! 

We got him all dressed up on Sunday in his daddy's old vest.  Seriously people if he could grow up to be just like his dad then I would be the happiest mom in the world!  

 I LOVE my boys, seriously life can't get much better than this right now! :)
 Don't mind his floody pants and his grumpy face, he has the tall genes and it was past his nap time! ;) We hope you had a fabulous easter, we sure did!  

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  1. Soo cute!! And I've got TONS of church clothes for you, so just hang on for a few more sundays!