Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sunflower fields

There is this awesome Farmer and his wife (Grinter's) that have a giant field of sunflowers.  They even have a Facebook page and update you on how the sunflowers are and when they are in bloom- and then they let you come and walk around for FREE!  If you pick one they ask that you donate 1$, on the honor system.  AMAZING!  I finally talked Babe into going, even though we were a little late in the game and they were already starting to die.  It was still one of the prettiest things I have ever seen, yellow and green for as far as you could see! 

 I wish we would had taken some family pictures here, because really how beautiful would that back drop be?!  It was like deathly hot though so I guess it was okay we didn't..
 ^^ I spy Babe...^^

 ^^ I spy Jenson! Which yes if he wasn't so loud I am sure we could have lost him in there!^^

Seriously though, Kansas is so pretty!  We might not have mountains but where in Utah can you get this view?! ;)  

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