Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Date Night

 We were trying to think of something fun yet free to do- that we would all enjoy!  We decided that we would finally go and check out so of the local parks around us (Shawnee Mission Park and Antiock Park)  SMP was so big and we ended up just staying in the car the whole time but seriously it was so pretty- and so close to us!

Like seriously?  I can't wait to go back and actually play at the "park"! haha
 When we got to Antiock park we actually got out and went for a nice walk around the park, I am pretty sure everyone else had our idea but it was fun non the less!

 I love spending my time with these 2- they make my heart happy! 

 Since the parks were my idea we let Babe pick something he wanted to do... So off to the Apple store it was.  I don't get why this store is so cool but he was pretty excited to go.  Jenson and I lasted about 5 minutes inside until we went and walked the strip mall to see what else there was to see.  

 We ended up playing in the fountain and taking selfies until Babe was done (forever later...!) ;)  

What a beautiful place we live in with amazing sunrises and sunsets!  Another date night for the books!

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