Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Baby Bentley Shower

It was so fun planning a baby shower for Jillisa and Baby Bentley with my other sister!  We went with the motorcycle theme and a lot of the decorations worked for her nursery as well! It sure was fun being with our family and friends, eating yummy food,  and celebrating Bentley!  

 ^^ Coolant Station/ refueling station ^^
 ^^ Vroom Vroom Veggies ^^
 ^^ Nuts and Bolts ^^
 ^^ Dip Sticks ^^

 ^^ Mud on the Tires and some Engine Choke (dip) ^^

 ^^ Mud Cupcakes, Spare Tires ^^
 ^^ Ball Bearings ^^

I love these ladies!  

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