Monday, August 31, 2015

Utah trip

We got back from Island Park  late Saturday night.  Sunday morning we went to church in Inkom- then got back on the road to head to Utah.  Jenson was getting pretty good at falling asleep in his carseat... haha  
 ^^ He is playing peek a boo.. no he doesn't sleep with his blanket on his face ^^
 We sure have gotten to see lots of pretty landscapes while on the road!
 First on the list a hair cut for Jenson!  Thanks Aunt Jillisa!
 Yay for Kansas City shirts (and terrible picture angles...)!  

 Craven family pictures- He sure is the best grandpa, keeping the kids occupied until we needed them!  :)

 Hello blurry- but I seriously love these ladies! 

 Utah was perfect!  We had been going non stop for our entire vacation that we actually got to take a week to relax, watch movies, see friends, hold lots of babies,  and have a awesome baby shower for Jillisa!

^^ first day of school for Kyron!^^

 My sister bought a house with soo much land!  Jenson was in heaven!
 How family pictures really go...

 Babe took Jenson for the day so I could go to SLC and hang out with some of my besties!  It was such a fun afternoon and exactly what I needed!  Girl friends,  Olive Garden and City Creek, and kid free for the win!

 We also did lots of demo at my sisters to get their house ready to move in!  Jenson was a trooper watching MMC in the pack in play instead of running around a construction zone!

When we were younger my siblings and I would always build forts off of the fence.  So when I saw the little ones trying to build a fort I had to help them out build one!  I would say it was a hit... even if my mom wasn't to happy we used all of her nice inside blankets ;) 

 After an amazing week it was time to say goodbye.  We had our traditional breakfast at Grannie Annies with all the family- and lots of the Hunts!  Goodbyes are so hard- especially when you know you are going to be stuck in a car for the next 18 hours.

On the road.. again- our family theme song!
 We drove the majority of the day and got to the hotel late that night.  While Babe went out to get us something to eat tragedy hit...okay maybe that is a bit extreme but heres the shorten story.  Jenson and I were playing on the bed trying to get some wiggles out before bed.  My phone rang and I jumped up to get it on the other bed.  As soon as I did Jenson fell off the bed hitting the wall (face first!)  Instant screaming and blood.  He wasn't really calming down so I took him to the sink to wash his mouth, he had a piece of wall up under his front tooth.  I tried to scrap it out but he wouldn't hold still.  Babe got back a few minutes later and we held him down as best as we could to get it out.  It was so heart breaking, we both sat there and cried.  :(  Talk about total mom fail..  After some MMC and Tylenol he finally fell asleep.  
 The next day was kind of hard but we made it home in time to go to the dentist to check his teeth out- all was well and we didn't have to do anything special but it sure was scary.  And luckily we didn't have to pay for the hole in the wall at the hotel ;) 
Another trip come and gone- next time, Christmas! 

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