Sunday, August 9, 2015

Jenson 18 months

I realized it had been a while since I did a Jenson update so with him turning 18 months recently I thought now would be a good time. 

Jenson tests my patience everyday.  I can't tell you how many times I have been hit in the head with a ball or cup or something (and it actually hurts!) he has talent for throwing and aiming- seriously watch out! I have the hardest time figuring out what is the "red headed" traits or just a normal kid behavior, I blame most of it on the red head to give me some hope for later ;) 
Jenson is always on the go, seriously the only time I can get him to sit still is when I turn on a show for him- normally Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, also a favorite of his.

Favorite toys:  cars, monster trucks, ramps, balls,  piano, legos (mostly just dumping them out and running around with the bucket on his head), anything he shouldn't play with (curtains, blinds, dvds, remotes, etc...)

Favorite foods: Mac n Cheese, chicken nuggets, grapes, raspberries, goldfish, teddy graham's, pretzels,  granola bars,  green beans, anything mom and dad has
Hates: sandwiches (I have tried everything to get him to eat these and he refuses!) 

Loves: anything outside, swimming, bubbles, splash pads, sand, swinging, going for walks, playing at the park, slides, books- reading.   
He also gets sooo excited when he sees the remote because he thinks we are going to turn on MMC and he does like this excited cry/ happy dance thing haha it's so funny!  But now we have to hide the remote on top of the fridge so he doesn't think about watching tv. ;)  

He hates:  Being left along, when we wont go outside- or he has to come inside, nursery without a parent (I tried leaving him last week and I could hear him screaming from the Relief Society room...), being held/not being able to move freely.  

He talks all the time, mostly just jibber jabber but we are starting to understand more and more. He will also shake his head no and yes but most the time it make no since- for example I will say "Jenson do you want a snack?" and he will shake his head no, and say "uh uh" (meaning yes...) haha it sure is funny sometimes! He says: mom, dad, car, ball, bath, go, bye, puppy, and my personal favorite; Brielle.
He also thinks every animal says "rwahhhhh" like a lion ;) but he does this like deep breathing thing that is hilarious.
His favorite song is The Itsy Bitsy Spider and will even do the actions with you- pretty much the cutest thing ever.  

We Love you Jenson Matthew! Even though some days I am can hardly take your spunky, independent, hard headed self; as soon as you go to bed I miss you like crazy!  
Thanks for always keeping us on our toes and showing us how truly blessed we are! 

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