Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mt. Pleasant Cabin

We wanted to seal Kyron away before everything got crazy.  We went to a friends cabin in Mt. Pleasant (close to Manti, UT) for the weekend.  It was the perfect setting to just hang out as a family!  We played games, heard mission stories, looked at mission pictures, cuddled babies, went to the lake, ate way to much, and slept way to little ;)  it was a fun time to be had by all!  

 They had a zip line, sand volley ball, basketball, and horse shoes. all around the cabin.  The little kids loved the zip line- minus Jenson ;) haha

Friday we headed to the lake for some fun in the sun.  We passed the Manti temple on the way-such a pretty temple!

 We rented a paddle board and a paddle boat since it was a no motor lake.  The kids loved using the boat as a dock to jump off of, it was defiantly worth it to have them both! 

 ^^ 30+ weeks^^
 ^^ How may people can you fit on a paddle boat? I'll tell you those things sure look easier then they really are! ^^

 When we got back we put the kids to bed- so the adults could eat as much ice cream as we wanted without having to share ;) 

 Jenson loved the babies almost as much as I did :)

 I kept thinking Kyron was Matt.  I am not used to having Kyron home and was used to having Matt there instead.  Jenson even got a little more comfortable around him by the end of the trip! :)

I have a serious respect for single parents- even though there were lots of hands to help with Jenson it's still not the same without Babe! 

It was the perfect weekend to escape and catch up on life!  It's so good to have Kyron home- but kind of bitter sweet as I am now the only sibling living away from home :(  
I am excited to go back home next week where we will all be together again! 

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