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When we first met!- January 2010

 In honor of our 4 year wedding anniversary this week I decided to finally post these drafts I had:

2 of my best friends (previous roommates) have been writing down their Love stories and how they met their husbands.  Reading through them I can't stop laughing and remember their journey as well as my own.  When Babe and I talk about those days I have noticed that some of the details are getting foggy so I also want to jump on the band wagon and write them down!

I don't really remember dates and all the in-between things but a few memories sure stick out more than others!   I'll start with the first night we met, ending in the day we got married!  

*side note sorry if you are also follow Lindsay and Ashley's stories and see a lot of the same pictures... I was the one that took all the pictures (you are all welcome!) of the happy couples/ our group of friends!  :) 


Before I can explain how we met I will back up a little bit.  In January 2010 Melissa became my roommate at school (BYU-Idaho). One night she told us that she had invited some of her old FHE brothers over to hang out.  That is where we met Brian, Travis, and Curtis- they also had another roommate but I had yet to meet him because of his crazy work schedule, his name is Matt.  

We became good friends with this group of guys hanging out a few times.  One night (Feb. 20) we decided to go on a late night (after curfew.. shhhh) Denny's run.  I had invited a friend of mine but he couldn't come with us at that second so I offered to drive George (my car) a few minutes later and go pick him up along with Matt and Curtis.  

If you know me at all you know I have somewhat of a lead foot. Combine that with a 20 year old honda (George), limited working defrost in the winter, and me trying to "be cool" with a car full of boys men (come on I  was a freshmen in college...).  Well lets say.ask Matt about that night the first thing he says is "Oh that night we almost died with you driving George, going about 90?" (mom it wasn't that fast!)  So yeah Matt's first impression of me was driving from Rexburg to Idaho Falls thinking he was going to die.  Lucky for both of us we made it safely and arrived with all the others.  

We sat across the table from one another and I remember thinking "Oh... he is cute! But what is he wearing? (the answer to that question was a shirt from Brian that he brought back from Africa...) The rest of the night was pretty low key, but I do remember our waiter was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  He even balanced a full sized chair on his nose- yeah he was that cool!  No wonder why we loved going to Denny's so late.  

The next time we really got to hang out was at Travis's birthday party.  I don't remember that night that well except for my "flirting" consisted of throwing taffy at Matt.  (we were all throwing it at each other for some reason... anyone remember why? haha)  I just wanted to make sure he knew I was there hahaha.  He was talking to one of his friends that also happened to be a girl, they made plans to go play racquet ball together.  I just remember how jealous I felt- I kind of wanted to punch her in the face, so I did... totally kidding!  I played it cool like any college student would, and ignored it. 

^^ the only pictures I have of him from that night... once again I was only behind the camera instead of in front ;) ^^

That night I remember telling my roommate "I am going to date Matt!"  Sadly it wasn't that easy and it took a few semesters until he asked me out on our first date even though we would still see each other occasionally- when he wasn't busy working.

Other important things I want to remember:

We made plans as a group to dress up and see the new Harry Potter movie- and Matt would actually be there!  We bought our tickets and started planning our outfits.  Well our plans changed quickly when I got a call from my mom saying that my grandma was not doing good and I should come home to say goodbye.  I  couldn't stop crying (puffy eyes, runny nose and all) and was trying to figure out how I would make it home since George had stopped working that week and I didn't know why.  I had a few guy friend mechanics who saved the day and came to help me with George.  We were all outside in the snow trying to figure out how to fix him when Matt came home from work and saw us.  (*side note we had talked the guys into moving into the Pines apartments so they were only a 1 minute walk from our place to theirs, we shared a parking lot so that's how he saw us.)  Instead of driving George home and running the risk of him breaking down on the side of the road Matt told me he would get me a discounted ticket from the Salt Lake Express (where he worked as a driver).  When I asked him how much the ticket was he told me they gave it to me for free, even though later I found out he really just paid it for me- That is just the kind of man he is, I sure am lucky!

 ^^ please note how we are all in coats and Matt is only in a short sleeve shirt... haha ^^

We texted the whole trip down since it was my first ride on the SLC express and I am sorta afraid of new things by myself.  He kept me calm by explaining things to me and letting me talk to him about the crazy driver I had.  He even called the driver to make sure they would drop me off in the right spot and that they wouldn't forget since it wasn't a normal drop off.  He is always looking out for me even when I am a chicken!

I called him (yes you heard me right... thats how much I liked him!)  when I got home and we talked for a bit.  I don't really remember what we talked about but I remember walking around my front yard with the biggest butterflies in my stomach.
^^ They still ended up going to the movie

That was it for me, I was going to date him if it was the last thing I did.  Before then I kept it mostly to myself how much I liked Matt but from then on enlisted the help of his best friend Brian to help me get a date with him.

I was starting to get discouraged thinking he was never going to ask me out.  I remember one day walking home from devotional with Brian.  I told him what my mom told me to do earlier that week either "poop or get off the pot".  I told him how I didn't think he was gong to ever ask me out was was just going to move on.  He assured me that he was interested and just busy, and instead of "pooping" that I needed to think of it more like marinating chicken, it's better the longer it marinates! So that's what I did... I decided to enjoy the time I had with him not worry about the rest.  The funny thing is I don't think he even knew I liked him, but everyone else sure did!

The semester was ending and a group of us (Brian, Emily, Matt, and I) decided to go to Washington for Lindsay and Travis's wedding.  I told my mom that she didn't have to worry about the roads because Matt was a "Professional driver!"  we left right after our finals to make it there by the 18th for their wedding.  Emily and I sat in the back the whole time watching Dr. Quinn; Medicine Woman or sleeping.  I remember thinking at first how sad I was that Brian didn't let me sit next to Matt even though he knew how much I liked him- even though I slept pretty much the whole time anyway haha (don't worry Brian I forgive you now ;)) I wish I could say something significant happened on the trip but nothing did, he didn't even ask me to dance at their reception :( lol. But this was the first real quality time we spent together.  I like to think that this is when he actually started to like me as more than just his friend.  This is also where we both got out of our shells more and actually let loose (as much a a mormon college student can "let loose" haha),  we are both more reserved (at first) so it was fun to see another side of him.

^^ Can I just say how lucky I am to have these amazing friends.  How often is it that all your best friends are you husbands best friends? I don't know how I got so lucky to be so close to such amazing people after all these years!^^

I thought that was going to be the last I got to see of Matt until we were on the same track at school  but little did I know he had other plans in mind!  

Stay tuned for our first date!  

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