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Honorable mentions, holding hands, dropping the L bomb and more

Bright and early on Sunday Jan 29th 2011 (who knew that only 3 years later our son would be born on that exact same day!) the 5 of us headed to Inkom for the day.  As we were loading up the car I was getting ready to go sit in my "normal" seat in the back when Brian told me that he wanted to sit in the back so I could sit in the front.  I am not the best person to go on long car rides because I sleep most the time so I didn't really care where I was in the car as long as I have my pillow. ;)

*Side note-  The night before we were watching a movie and I gave all the signs for Matt to grab my hand but he never did.  We were texting later that night after he went home before bed.  I told him that I am "old fashion" and like the man to do all the "firsts"  I told him he could hold my hand at anytime and I wouldn't pull away.  He hinted that he might do it the next day.

I placed my hand on my leg and started to get ready to fall asleep.  A few minutes later Matt grabbed my hand and said "I guess I don't need this hand" (to drive with) holy moly goosebumps all over.  I wanted to shout for joy but just giggled and held it back.  It was kind of awkward but I didn't want him to let go so I stayed as still as possible.  We held hands the entire way there- half the time I pretended I was asleep because that was the only way I could keep from looking like a little school girl.

That day is pretty much a blur except I kept thinking when he was going to hold my hand again.  We would hold hands walking to and from the car and while in the car but we didn't really hold hands other than that.  When we got to his aunt and uncle's house I got the biggest hug from his mom, come to find out she had known we held hands the whole day before we even got there (thanks Brian) ;) I couldn't help but thinking the whole night "this could be my family!"  It was the perfect day!

Feb. 4th we had our official DTR (determine the relationship) and decided we were officially boyfriend/girlfriend! :)  and because nothing is really officially until it's on facbook we became "facebook" official a few days later on the 8th haha from then the rest is history as they say

Sadly I don't remember the date of our first kiss but I know it was sometime in February, but I do remember that day!  For some reason it was "cool" to make bracelets out of the plastic thing at the top of a liter or soda.  So since I am a really cool person (right? haha)  I had just made one.  They say that if a person breaks it off of you they have to kiss you.  Matt knew this and would "play" with it on my wrist when we would hold hands.  He would stretch it out like he was going to break it but it would never break.  He knew what he would have to do if it did break.  One day before we both had to work we were hanging out at their apartment with everyone when he broke it.  He had a huge smile on his face and I knew that I was going to be kissed- soon! :)
Now keep in mind I am Matt's "first" (first girl to kiss, hold hands, date, etc) so I knew he was nervous.  I had to go to work and he chickened out before I left ;) so I told him he owed me one.  That night after he came and got me from work (have I mentioned how lucky I am?) we sat in his car (Howard) in the parking lot of our apartment listen to music and talking before heading in.  I'm pretty sure we heard the same song multiple times we were in there so long, I knew he wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kiss him too but I wanted him to make the move.  I was about to give up hope on him kissing me then but as I stated to grab my backpack and get out he told me he owed me something and gave me a big ol' smooch!  :)  In all honestly it was really awkward like most 1st kisses are haha. I looked forward to every kiss after since it was so much easier now, I still get butterflies every time we kiss! :)

Other random dates to remember:

One night during work (I worked on campus at a place called Event Services. Nights were really slow since there were not many events going on...) I was texting with Matt and complaining that I was hungry and couldn't wait to go home and eat something (some things never change..) When I started to close up I saw him coming around the corner with a McDonalds bag.  Since I was done working anyway we decided we would just go eat at home. I just remember how embarrassed he said he was walking with McDonalds all through the library (I worked on the 3rd floor)  and back down to get to his car haha.  On the drive back home we talked about going on another official date that weekend.  I don't really know why this day stuck out to me so much but I don't think I will ever forget it.  That is just how Matt is.  He is always thinking of others, and putting me first!

We went to Pocatello with Drew and Ashely and went to a Classic fun center to roller skate.  Then they introduced me to Tastee Treat and I showed off my impressive ice cream eating skills...;) It's still one of our favorite places to go when we are in town! :)

We spent lots of time playing Just Dance 2, Mario Kart, and Rock band.  Looking back we probably should have studied more but we sure had a lot of fun! ;)  

 We also took lots of trips down to Inkom for game/movie weekends with everyone.  Some of my favorite memories there were playing Snort (card game) with his aunts and staying up way to late.  I also remember the first Sunday when we went to church as a dating couple and everyone asked if I was Matt's Fiance' hahaha  

I would take advantage of every chance I got to hang out with Matt. He had a really early run to Pocatello every morning (like 3am...)  and would get back just in time to take Ashley and I to our morning class (in the bus... hahah) so we wouldn't have to walk in the freezing cold!  He would then go home and take a nap, go to class, then get the bus for another Pocatello run.  When he would get home it was about the time I was off work so he could come and pick me up at the school and we would hang out at the guys apartment until 2 minutes before curfew.  That was pretty much our entire week- through in a few dates, conference trips to Utah, and a little bit of studying (yeah our grades were not that great that semester...) and that was our whole dating life :)

 March 6th 2011,  I wish I could remember why Matt and I were in Inkom.  I think we were coming back from my house in Utah but I have no idea why... Anyway we were driving up the canyon to go to Matt's house and we were just talking about life.  We got on the topic of marriage and life and was "planning" our wedding.  I started to laugh for a second when I realized we hadn't even said the "L" word yet.  I told Matt that I thought it was funny we were planning a wedding when we had not even dropped the L bomb yet.  He laughed and said I wrecked the moment because he was just about to.  And then he did, and I thought I would die from happiness.  I don't remember everything we said but I remember the way I felt when I was with him.  It was just right.  I of course said I love you too, and I was on cloud nine the rest of the night (and everyday since!).

March 26th  we went down to my parents house in Utah for the April 2011 General Conference.  Sadly I couldn't tell you anything special that anyone said during conference, or who even spoke but it will always be my favorite conference.

Up next.. the Engagement!

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