Friday, August 7, 2015

The engagement!

This was written when we were first engaged, I just copied it from my previous blog.  

Our Story… Brielle’s Side
Matt, Me, Ashley, and Drew all headed down to Utah the weekend of the 25th and 26th for the festival of colors in Spanish fork. That day was rainy and so we ended up not going and just hung out at my house. I guess I should start a little earlier on the car ride down… Matt worked Friday and so he had to drive the bus down to Pocatello and instead of riding the bus back up Ashley, Drew and I drove his car down and picked him up and left from there. On the way down we had talked about when we wanted to get engaged and he said he has to do 2 things first 1. Talk to my dad and 2. Get money so he could buy a ring (we had gone ring shopping previously and we had picked out 3 rings that we really liked but I wanted him to pick out the “one” even though I might have hinted on the one I really wanted… which he liked because he didn’t want to pick it out since I was the one that had to wear it) Later that day we were hanging out, playing games, watching movies and such. I couldn’t find where Matt went so I went downstairs to find him I looked outside to see him talking to my dad while he was making hamburgers for lunch. I sat on the stairs and watched him for a little bit with Ashley, Drew just kept saying “it’s not the “talk” don’t worry about it” (he had known the whole weekend that Matt was going to propose so he was trying to throw me off) My dad called him inside a little later to help him with a “computer” problem so I went in too but got kicked out by my mom because I wasn’t allowed inside-fishy right! Yeah that’s what I thought too!
That night (3/26/11) we went to the church to play some basketball and hang out so we got in our work out clothes and headed over. We ended up in the chapel playing hymns and singing along (somehow we always end up at a piano and singing. We all sing different parts Drew, Matt, Ashley, and I so we just mess around with different songs) Since Drew knew that Matt was trying to find a good time to pop the question he kept coming up with ways to get out of the chapel so we were alone. Drew and Ashley went to clean up the gym while Matt and I kept playing random hymns. Ashley wanted to come back in but Drew said that Matt and I were talking and so they just stayed in the foyer. We were both on the piano bench, I stopped playing the piano and asked him what he was talking to my dad about (like I didn’t already know! Haha) he said he was too nervous to remember everything and he just remembers asking for his blessing but I kept prying… haha he got up and sat on the seats by the bench.I kept prying but it wasn’t really getting me anywhere so I just told him I wished we could be engaged so that I could tell all my friends and so we could start planning the wedding. He told me we could just make believe and pretend we were engaged; he said “want me to tell you a story?” so of course I said yes which wasn’t anything new… some nights it’s hard for me to fall asleep so I ask him to tell me a stories. So he started the story “Once there was a girl named Brielle and a boy named Matt…” he started to tell each of our miles stones like when we first held hands, first kiss, meeting the family… etc he was really nervous though so he couldn’t really remember what was next so I had to keep telling him what happened next and he just kind of rambled hahah (you think I would have started to suspect something but I still had NO clue!) He went on “One weekend they went to hang out with her family and he started to talk to her dad. That night they went to the church to play games and ended up in the chapel playing hymns and singing along. It was nice… I liked it (hahahah I told you he was just filling in random words! Haha)” after he said this my heart and stomach dropped and for a slight moment I had the thought that he could be proposing but I brushed it off because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. He kept telling the story “and then all of a sudden he got down on one knee” and then he really did… “And said Brielle Suzanna Craven will you be my wife for all eternity?!” Earlier he had taken off my ring that was on my left hand and was playing with it, which wasn’t anything new because he always plays with my rings. I thought he was just putting my ring back on my finger because I was looking into his eyes so I didn’t even realize it was the real ring until I looked down and saw it. I gave him a huge hug and kiss and finished the story and said “she says YES!!!” I still couldn’t believe it I was shaking so bad and could hardly move I was so shocked! We sat there for a while and he told me how he had gotten the ring and when he got it and all the behind the story details. We kissed a few more times… but hey we were in the chapel haha all he wanted to do was surprise me and he did 100% I always thought I would have somewhat of an idea but I seriously had NO idea, he got me and he got me good! I still can’t believe it and I can’t wait!! We are getting married August 5, 2011 in the Bountiful temple; my other dream is coming true of having my Grandpa Craven seal us! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him and begin our happily ever after!!

Trying to focus on General Conference the next two days wasn't easy, it sure was an amazing weekend though!

looking at all of our pictures I can't believe how different my hair looks in all of them.. haha

Just 20 days after saying "I love you" we were engaged!  It all seems so fast to me now but we had a looong engagement so I feel like that makes up for it.  I never get sick of telling our engagement story, it's perfect because it was so us. We even recorded it with Drew and Ashley with our other friends who wanted to know how it happened.  But lets be honest the story is so much better with all 4 of us telling it!
And just like that we were preparing for our wedding (officially)!

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