Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kyron comes home!

We were all dressed and ready to go!  Kyron was coming home to 2 new nephews and 1 niece!  They had shirts that said "I've waited my whole life to meet you!" 

My sister had the idea to rent a hooker party busto go get Kyron from the airport, that way we could all be together and no one had to miss out on some Kyron time!  

 My cute grandparents! 

 Jenson loved the bus, and I loved taking selfies with him since he couldn't stop smiling! :)

 ^^ Jenson got pretty good at working the pole ;).  We planned it out perfect to get to the airport a little early.  As we were on our way my mom checked the flight and it was delayed a hour (even though it was on time before we left!)  So good thing I brought the iPad full of shows to entertain the kids before he got there! ^^

waiting for Kyron to come was no easy task- thank you MMC for entertaining the children! :)  

He's HOME!!  I swear he grew a few inches- he's a giant! :)

 2 years waiting for this moment!  

 ^^ This is such a perfect picture! ^^

 ^^ our entire family, minus Matt! ^^

We didn't tell Kyron we got a party bus until he walked out and saw it- lets just say it was a hit!

 ^^ He is our next missionary in our family! ^^

 The last discussion Elder Craven gave before being released- such an awesome experience! It was so cool to see how much Kyron had grown in 2 years.  He sure is a spiritual giant!  
After he got back from being released as a full time missionary we got ready to go to a cabin in Mt. Pleasant for the weekend! Since this is a huge post in it's self I'll make a new post of our cabin fun!  

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