Saturday, August 22, 2015

Home again home again

Another semester over means another trip to go see family!  It's my favorite time of year! 
This time since we just flew home for Kyrons homecoming a few weeks before we didn't have extra money to fly out early.  After Babe finished all his finals (passing with flying colors!)  we go in the car (thank goodness we upgraded from our little honda because the extra space is AMAZING!) and started out trek to Idaho.  

We started out right before nap time thinking Jenson would sleep for the first few hours... but we were dead wrong!  He refused to sleep so after a few hours we gave in and let him watch MMC (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) We only stopped if we had to, we got gas like 4 times and would eat what we had in the car or picked something up at the gas station.  It's sure is lot of time in the car but it's worth it to get done faster! 
 We took away Jenson's binkie the week before and he was fine sleeping through the night and for naps.  But like I said before he refused to sleep in the car.  It was 10:00 PM before he FINALLY fell asleep- even though he woke up 2 hours later screaming.  (That's all day people- no nap!  Even I was out cold for half of that!)  We gave in and gave him a binkie- good thing I brought some!  He fell asleep shortly after and slept until we pulled into Inkom around 4 in the morning!  He wouldn't let his binkie out of his sight the rest of the trip haha but no worries we are officially done with it now!
Despite going to bed extremely late we were still up and ready by 7:00 the next morning...  So we headed into town to help Karl and Natalie move/ clean their apartment and then go to some breakfast!  Jenson was a poop all through breakfast but as soon as we left the parking lot (and gave him his binkie..) he was out cold and had a nice long nap while we finished cleaning!  
That afternoon called for naps and 4 wheeler rides with grandpa! I also talked Kyron into coming up and spending the weekend with us!  It was the first time seeing Babe (after 2 years)  And it was nice not having to share him with anyone else ;) 
I'm pretty sure the only reason he really wanted to come up was for the 4 wheeler rides with me ;)  

We even took a ride up in to the fields to see the sunset- I can never get sick of this view! (also Babe is on the motorcycle... Kyron wasn't totally confident on the motorcycle and I was just along for the ride and to take pictures- hence the reason we are on it together) ;) 

Margaret made us cinnamon rolls- talk about mouth watering! 

The next morning we went for a lovely sunrise ride with all the boys.  Can I also just say how nice it is to have family close by that I can just leave Jenson with... He was taking a nap and it was so nice just to leave and not have to worry about him!  I miss that!

And then there was that time that the 4 wheeler broke and lucky Babe noticed we were not following him anymore and came to save us- even though Dave was the one who ended up saving us in the end! ;) Also look at all that smoke- dang fires!

^^ Okay I know I am not a skinny person by any means, this picture is soo unflattering and the extra fuzzy jacket I borrowed makes me look HUGE- but the boys looked great so I guess I'll suck it up and post it..^^

Later that day we went to Melissa and Jason's new house for a family BBQ, we played games, sang songs, and got to catch up with lots of family and friends! It was a perfect day! 

On Sunday we got to go to our cousins farewell- and they had an amazing luncheon in the park after and Jenson slept through the whole thing! It was quite lovely if you ask me!
^^ Jenson got overwhelmed with all of the people around- and he had nasty allergies, so this chair was his "alone time" oh and of course MMC, his blanket, and binkie! ^^
We love cousins! 
The next day we drove to Kimberly to spend the night with Emily and Earl before we made a "quick" trip to Medford Oregon.  We pulled in as the sun was setting.. 
And left as the sun was rising... on the road again!  

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