Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our first Date- December 29, 2010

Like I said previously I thought it would be a while before Matt and I would see each other again since we were on a different track system at school. Thats why I was so surprised when Matt called me a week or so later.  I was sitting on my couch, probably watching some cheesy Christmas movie when I saw that he was calling, my stomach dropped as I answered.  I get so nervous on the phone and I don't even remember what he said but I know he asked me to go with him on a group date because "Brian wanted to go with Ashley, but didn't want to drive to Utah alone" (or something like that...haha) group date or not I didn't care and of course said yes! Once we hung up I threw my phone on the couch and ran into our computer room where my mom was and told her what had just happened, he finally asked me out after almost a year!  

Brian and Matt drove down from Inkom (about 2 and a half hours away...) I remember him trying to play it down and that the only reason he was coming was because Brian wanted him to.  But my brother reinsured me that no boy would drive that long to go on a date with someone they didn't like.  They got there that afternoon and we headed down to the gateway to meet the rest of our group.  We went and played in the fountain, walked around the shops and ate lunch before going to a fun center in Draper.  

^^ I got my wish when I wished for many more dates to come!^^

I get so nervous and awkward on dates so I am glad that we went in a group at first so that we could still go on a date but still have other friends there incase things got awkward- which they never did but like I said dates freak me out...  We played lazer tag, went glow in the dark mini golfing, rode go karts, and played the arcades.  Matt and I even lucked out big time when playing wac a mole and the machine gave us a ton of tickets- score! We ended up getting bracelets for everyone and a hackie sac (which we still have!).  

^^ scary make up days... no wonder why it took him so long to ask me out...^^

On our way back from Draper we stopped in SLC to tour the conference center, look at the lights on Temple Square and going to dinner at Olive Garden. Later that night we ended up playing hackie sac out by the car.  Like I said earlier I get really nervous on dates.  I remember having to go to the bathroom so bad but we were really no where near one and we were having to much fun I didn't want to stop and call it a night just because I had to pee.  But I couldn't take it any longer, and it was close to midnight anyway so I finally said something. Matt drove me to several different gas stations trying to find a stupid bathroom, lucky we did and all was good.  I checked my phone while in the bathroom and had several missed calls and multiple texts.  I was taught not to use my phone while on a date so I never really checked it.  I am pretty sure my mom thought I was dead, I didn't even think to check in because we were having to much fun.  The boys still had to drive home as well that night.  

We said good night and that was that. He texted me later that night to tell me they made it home okay and we talked a few time later that week.  I wanted to spend all my time with him and couldn't wait to be back to school.  He still moved really slow and worked all the time so we hardly got to see each other, and when we did it was with our whole group of friends.  

One day Matt and I planned to go to Wendy's for lunch and invited everyone to go with us, sneaky Brian told everyone to say no so it was just Matt and I (I guess that was sort of our first "alone" date?).  After that day we started to hang out at any time we could, mostly later at night after he picked me up from work (he never let me walk home alone since it was always after dark, most the time he would just pick me up once he got off work) and before curfew.  

My roommate at the time, Ashley had started dating Drew- Matt's roommate.  We were always all together.  A month later Brian, Ashley, Drew, Matt and I went to Inkom for the day. The boys were singing in stake conference, there was a farewell, and his aunt and uncle were having a scone party at their house so we thought it would be fun to go to them all.  Normally that wouldn't sound that exciting but what happened on the way down was... 

Next up the first time we held hands, first kiss, and more! 

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