Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Preparing for Kyron to come home

I still remember when we told Kyron that we were going to have a baby.  It was right before he went on his mission- now 2 years later we were on our way to go meet him! 
Jenson and I left the afternoon of the 24th (Friday) Babe sadly couldn't come with us because of tests. We had a straight flight which we had never done before.  Jenson did pretty good considering he had no nap and refuses to sleep on me.  I thought MMC would do the trip but towards the end of the flight he refused to watch it so I just stuffed him full of fruit snacks ;).  

^ The start of our flight...^^
 When we got to my parents house we unpacked then headed to a local splash pad with the whole family so the kids could play!  Jenson was in heaven and didn't even want to eat- and if you know him at all you know how much he loves food! :)  
 The next day my mom took us around town to check out all of my siblings new "homes."  I also went to go check out the progress on my sister nursery for baby Bentley- I'm pretty much in love with it and can't wait to see it all finished!  Jenson loved Bentley's bath ;)
 I also got to snuggle my new niece, Katelyn and nephew, Watsin! <3 nbsp="" p="">

 ^^ Jenson was LOVING all the extra boys around and the attention his cousins were all giving him!  He is so spoiled and going through attention withdrawals ;) ^^

 I was lucky enough to be home in time to hear my aunt and uncle speak in church.  They just got home from being mission presidents for the North Carolina Charlotte mission.  It was so fun to see them after 3 years, and see other family members I wouldn't have been able to! :) Desperate times call for desperate measures- Jenson doesn't normally get to watch MMC during church but I was being selfish and really wanted to stay in sacrament meeting instead of chasing him around the halls. 
My favorite thing about being home (minus seeing my family) is the "little" things- especially Sunday nights when everyone comes over and we just sit around and talk, play games, and eat!
^^ grandpas are the best! ^^
 ^^ Oh Elizabeth you are to sweet!!^^
 Shopping trips get pretty crazy when the kids outnumber the adults! :)
 Monday night we went to a friends pool to celebrate my niece Katelyn, and BIL Mike's birthday.  Jenson was in heaven like always when water in involved.  We roasted hot dogs, ate smores, and opened presents- the perfect party if you ask me! 

 I can't wait to have a house some day that Jenson can just go out and play.  Whenever I couldn't find him he was outside sliding, playing with a ball, or trying to get on the trampoline.  Every night I would have to wash his black feet from running around outside all day without shoes on (my dads grass is so soft, unlike ours!).  Being outside if truly his element, and I love it! 

 Running errands around town trying to get everything done before Kyron got home, sure wiped this boy out! 
 ^^ These boys!  I'm telling you Jenson was in heaven! ^^
 Last minute we decided to make shirts for everyone to wear to the airport!  I may have gotten a few blisters from ironing on the vinyl but it was so worth it! 
We were also lucky enough to see some of the Hunts- We are so lucky to have so many people that love us and want to see us!  Grandma and Grandpa Hunt took everyone to DQ for milkshakes, and Jenson had some of everyone that was willing to share (can you say sugar high?!)  
And just like that Wednesday FINALLY  came, the house was ready, signs were hung, shirts were made, and the party bus was on it's way! ;)

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