Monday, June 16, 2014

Jenson's Blessing Day (5.25.14)

We were so lucky to bless Jenson surrounded by all of our closest friends and all of our family (minus Kryon #weloveourmissionarybrother ) In order to make it easier for everyone we decided to do it later in the day, after church at my dads seminary building (which also made it so my moms house wasn't a total mess either!) 
Babe did an AMAZING job, that was such a neat experience for us.  Another bonus to having it outside of sacrament meeting was the size of the circle- we had all of our brothers and brother n laws (once again minus Kryon) our dads, and my sweet grandpa (and the member of the bishopric, thanks Bro. Fox!!) It seemed huge at the time, but I would't want it any other way!
After the blessing we had an amazing luncheon: teriyaki chicken (yummmm), so many types of wonderful salads, jello's, rolls, and amazing desserts! Thanks to everyone who brought something to share!  We hung out and talked {so fun to see and talk to everyone!} then of course took pictures! I have said this before and I'll say it again, I don't know what I would do without my amazing sister Chelsi.  She is so willing to always help out with pictures {she even took our Hunt family pictures later that night since the family was finally all together for the first time in 2 years!} Thank you Chelsi, you are seriously amazing and I can't thank you enough for all the pictures you take for us, and the memories you have captured!  {check her out HERE or HERE}

Okay now for picture overload, but seriously prepare those fingers for a good workout! 
 ^^All the men in the circle! :) I am so thankful for worthy priesthood holders! ^^
 ^^ My grandma and grandpa Craven.  Jenson is the 31st great grandchild on their side!^^

 ^^some of our lifetime best friends!^^

 ^^My family, I can't get over Katelyns face in this picture... hahaha ^^

 ^^ My amazing Parents!^^

 ^^ Lion King anyone?^^
 Missing Kyron  :(

 ^^ Aunt Chelsi!^^

^^ Babes Family.  After 2 years, finally all together again!^^
 ^^ Babes parents^^

 ^^Lifetime friends!^^

 Thank you to everyone who made this day a success! We love you all!!

 Thanks again Chelsi for the amazing pictures!!

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