Friday, June 27, 2014

Lasagna! So easy even I can make it!

This summer I created a bucket list of things I want to accomplish. One of the things on my list was learning how to cook, and actually making meals every night {if you know me you know that is HUGE for me!} I made a little menu thing where we just draw out random things to eat during the week.  This week Lasagna was on the list- seriously intimidating! Do you know how many recipes and ways to cook lasagna are out there? Well heres another one to add to the batch!  

I was pretty scared to attempt this but that is why I have a husband- little did I know he has made this plenty of times and knew just what to do, so I just took note!  

What you will need:
Oven ready lasagna noodles
Spaghetti sauce
Ground beef
Cottage cheese
Mozzarella cheese
(you can also use ricotta cheese but we didn't have any) 

 ^^ Brown the hamburger, drain the grease, then add your spaghetti sauce {really just as much as you want, we like ours extra saucy}^^
 ^^ spray the pan and put a little bit of the sauce you just made on the bottom of the pan.  Start layering your lasagna noodles (every other way, each layer) ^^

 Order: noodles, sauce, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, noodles (opposite way), sauce, cottage cheese... you get the idea right? 

^^ Bake at 350 for an hour!^^

 ^^ Serve up with some of your favorite sides- our are garlic bread and corn! and ENJOY!!^^

I'm learning how to cook, 1 meal at a time! 

What are your favorite {EASY} meals?
Please do share!

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  1. OOOoooo I've never done lasagna because I was intimidated. I may have to try it now! Looks delicious!