Monday, June 30, 2014

Jenson- 5 months old!

5 months already? I can't believe how big my little man is getting!  
He is about 18lbs, 26 inch. long (we will know percentiles when we go in for his 6th month shots/checkup)
Jenson loves to play in his bouncer and suck on the little giraffe that's on it.  He is pretty independent already, I wish he would be my little cuddly baby but he just isn't :( When he is super fussy and sleepy if we just put him in his crib and leave him alone he tends calms down and eventually falls asleep!  Even though he is not cuddly he does not like to be left alone, if he is up and we are playing and I get up and leave or something {if he notices} then he starts getting fussy until I come back.   

 He is starting to sit up on his own- he can do it for a few seconds without help but if I put the boppy behind him he tends to sit up straighter and stays up longer {and if he falls he doesn't bang his head!}.  He also just started holding his own bottle-sheesh that is soo nice! I still like to cuddle him when he eats thought because it's about all I can get!

 He loves being outside.  He is starting to notice so much more around him so when we go outside he is intrigued the whole time! 

He still can't roll over from his back to his stomach {well he can but doesn't want to when we watch}  He lays on his side and turns his head all around so he can see everything going on he just doesn't want to go the rest of the way unless I block him from going back on his back again.  Silly silly boy...

 Likes: baths, swimming, eating, playing, outside, binkie, sleeping, rice cereal, kicking, mommy & daddy, turning around in circles/moving around, when we sing to him, swinging, sitting up, standing up sucking on his hands, and playing with his binkie constantly! 

Dislikes: being alone, getting dressed, when his bottle is gone

We love you Jenson Matthew!

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