Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10 things that make me happy

10 Things that make me happy lately:

1. having my nails and toes painted!
2. waking up to a clean house every morning. {even if it means I have to clean it every night}
3. nap time {oh heavenly nap time! that extra hour break is just what I need to keep on going!}
4. bike rides with my little family
5. the way Jenson squeezes my hand over and over agin while I feed him {seriously melts my heart}
6. no clothes in the laundry hamper {unlimited outfit choices! and yet I still choose my yoga pants and t-shirt} ;)

 7. the head wraps my sisters made me.  they give me the excuse to wear my hair up everyday and who doesn't love that. {especially with this nasty humidity, who wants their hair down?}
8. Jenson starting to sleep through the night {going to bed at 7:30/8 ish and waking up only once either around 11 or 4, then waking up at 7 or later!}
9. the days Babe doesn't work 
10. knowing that we are going home in about 60 days!

"Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination!"

What makes you happy these days? 

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