Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another Zoo post? Gee Wiz!

Babe finished his module yesterday so he doesn't have any classes till Wednesday!  He will only have 1 class {Physics, or the next half of it since he has already been taking it...} and then he will be done with his undergrad and can start in the DC {doctorate of Chiropractic} program!!  I am so proud of him and all of his hard work- crossing my fingers the next few years fly by like this year has {we will be here a year in August- holy cow that went fast, right?} Oh and did I mention he got all A's?  I married one smart handsome man!  

Babe's new assignment as work is to do all of the scheduling and being the nice guy he is didn't want to mess everyones schedule up this week so he kept it the same and didn't have work today! I am also pretty sure I can get used to him working the whole schedule-maybe I can get him to stay home more often ;) 

To celebrate no work and no school we decided to go to the KC zoo- because who doesn't love the zoo?  I am glad we went early in the morning and were finished before all of the heat and summer camp kids came.  Seriously though as we were walking out I swear {not really...never have} hundred of kids were coming in and buses were still pulling up-phew that was a lucky one!  
 ^^ I am pretty sure the polars bears might be one of my favorites!  Today their was a worker throwing a ball in and the bear would catch it and play with it in the water, bobbing up and down {kind of like when you are in a swimming pool and sit on a ball or hold a ball to help you float.}  Super neat! ^^
^^ His blue eyes kills me, and that smirk- seriously I could die!^^

 We decided to skip Africa today and go right to Asia and Australia {if only it was that easy right...} Babe has never been over there either so it was fun to go see those animals!  The kangaroos still get me how they just wander around where ever they want- I could watch them all day, but as Babe said "I have seen Kangaroo Jack, I don't think this is very safe!"  hahah so we didn't stay for very long just incase one did decide to attack us!

 ^^ Because what's a trip to the zoo without a little nap!^^

 ^^ I may have a slight obsession with these head wraps.. But honestly who want's to do their hair all cute when it's going to go huge and frizzy as soon as the humidity hits it? Why waste the extra time doing it- like I have that much extra time anyway with a 5 month old...^^
We decided to try out the bird show today since it was 80+ with humidity and who doesn't love a air conditioned bird show?  It wasn't as cool as the Hogle Zoo bird show but in all fairness how much can you honestly do with birds inside?  It was still a nice little break to dry out our pits before we went outside again ;)

Thanks Kansas City Zoo you have been good to us.  Good thing we got the season pass so we can come whenever we want! 

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