Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Swim fishy Swim!

Jenson LOVES the water {he can go from screaming his head off to happy as a clam if we just put him in the bath!} We took him to a real pool the other day and he loved it even more. I  am pretty sure that when he can actually sit up better on his own he will love it even more, and so will we!  

^^Yesterday Lindsay set up their little pool for Hailey and invited us over to swim! It was the first time Jenson was actually not sleeping and could go! Heck yes were in!^^
^^ I love my little fish!^^
^^ Even though he looks like he is not enjoying this he really did, just kicking and splashing away^^ 

 ^^ They are going to be best friends, whether they like it or not ;) ^^

Just because I talked about his first swimming trip to the pool heres some pictures to document it! ;)

 ^^ Seriously though, how cute is his swimming suit! We know he has really fair skin {hashtag because i'm a ginger} so this suit coves up most of his body anyway!^^

^^We bad we can't afford to always go to the pool, I guess Haileys blow up pool will work for now. At least until he is old enough to swim on his own! ^^

 ^^ I sure love my boys^^

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