Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hunt Family Pictures-2014

After Jenson's Blessing we got all dolled up and headed out to take some family pictures (once again thanks Chelsi!!) I seriously love family pictures, and love our family more!  I love to show off everyone I love, I am so thankful for this amazing family I married into-I couldn't be more blessed! 
^^Marshall, Amanda, and Kezman.  They head off to PA (as soon as the study opens again!) for Marshall and we pray that this study will kick his cancer once and for all!  If you like to help them out you can go HERE.  We love you guys!!^^
 ^^Thanks Brian for being there to hold everything and shade our faces! :)^^
 ^^ All the grand kids as of now (Vanessa and Sam will add another baby girl next month!^^

 ^^Jason, Melissa, Hailie, Bella, and Addison^^
 ^^Jenson sure loves his Grandpa Hunt^^
 ^^ Sometimes you need a little break during pictures!^^
 ^^Earl, Emily, Emma, Ellie!^^
^^Karl just got back from the Kobe Japan Mission, we sure love him and am so happy he is home!!^^
 ^^Sam, Vanessa, and Baby Girl (in belly) :)^^
 ^^ Let us take a second and talk about how stunning Vanessa is...Sheesh! Soo beautiful! She sure has a pregnancy glow!^^
 ^^ Now they know how to work it!^^

 ^^ I sure love this boy of mine!^^
 ^^ Can you tell he is totally screaming his face off... He is done with pictures and sure needed a nap!^^

Thanks again Chelsi for capturing these priceless pictures! 

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