Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The easiest way to boil chicken!

If you are anything like me you tend to avoid meals that call for boiled chicken-who has time for that?   I just find boiling chicken really annoying.. weird? I also tend to forget to boil chicken in time so our dinner plans normally go down the toilet! Maybe but I found something so much easier!  Say hello to a whole new food menu!

All you need is Chicken (duh...) and chicken bullion (cubes,can, or chicken stock)
I think this also makes the chicken taste better than just the normal boiling in water way. 
^^ Depending on how much chicken you are trying to boil depends on how much water you want {just eyeball it!}  I did 1 cup of water- and 1 bullion cube, for 2 chicken breasts.  Boil the water {about 2-3 minutes in the microwave} put the bullion in and let it dissolve. ^^  
^^ put the frozen chicken and water/bullion {or just chicken broth or stock works also} in the crock pot^^
^^ Depending on your time determines if you want to cook it on high or low.  Cook on low for about 3-4+ hours {make sure to check it before using it to make sure it's all cooked} Obviously if you put it on high it will cook faster! ;)^^
^^Ta Da! All done, now you can do with it as you like!^^
If you are looking for something to make now try THIS easy recipe!

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