Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Graphic Print Shirt Tutorial

A while ago I did a tutorial on decorating baby onesies with fabric (HERE)  Well I have found another fun way to decorate shirts, of all sizes.  I thought I would share my easy secrets so you can have fun making your own as well! 

Things you will need:
Fabric paint  
Paint brush
Vellum paper
Craft spray glue
Exacto knife (or something else to cut out your design)
Cardboard piece or something to put in between your shirt so the paint doesn't bleed through

Seriously this is so easy you are going to wonder why you have never done it before!

Step1:  Figure out what you want your shirts to say {hardest part!} I choose iDad and iPood, obviously ;) Once you have your design or words you want to say, then print it out on your Vellum paper.  
*If you have never heard of picmonkey then your life isn't complete.  That is where I made my words because I couldn't get just the way I wanted it on just a normal word doc. {which will also work!} If you decided to use picmonkey just click design on the main page then resize the document (it's 612 X 792 Megapixels for a 8X11 page) then go ahead and design away, save it and print it! {this is the fun part!}
^^ for my husbands shirt obviously the words needed to be bigger since his shirt is bigger than a onesie, so I made it landscape and got it as big as I could without it going on another page.  I couldn't find the exact font I wanted but this was the closest I found, I just cut the "i" straight instead of the way it was printed,  sorry I don't remember the font I used.^^
 ^^ Jenson's shirt was a lot smaller but I wan't sure the exact size so I made a few sizes on one sheet and picked the one that looked best to cut out.^^
Step 2: Cut out your words with an exacto knife, make sure to save the inside of your letters because you will need them! 

 Step 3: {sorry I don't have pictures of this part but its really easy! } I put the cardboard in between the shirt and took it outside with my stencil and spray glue. {shake the glue really well} spray your words with the clue and stick it onto the shirt.  Don't get to much spray {where it's globby, spraying it a little farther away seemed to help me}.  I just held the corner of it with my hand, spraying with my other hand, but you can do whatever works for you.  Then stick it onto the shirt where you want it to go.  Next do the same thing with the insides of the letters.  {side note if you want to wear gloves it might be smart, because my hands got a little sticky, not bad but you are spraying glue after all...} Use your fingers and make sure the wording part is on your shirt really good so paint wont leak through later.  Don't worry the glue is going to come off and you wont even see it, if you didn't get any globs of paint on that is ;) but with a white shirt you can't even see it! 
Step 4:  Paint!  Use whatever colors you like with how every coats you want to do,  I think I did like 3. 

 Let it dry completely before pealing off the vellum paper!

 Step 5: Iron the words after completely dry, this is optional but I have heard it helps the words from not fading-so why not! {I put a paper towel between the shirt and iron, could also use a towel or something like that also.} 
Step 6: Wash them!  (You might also want to wash them before you start to make sure they don't shrink later.) I washed the shirts together but with nothing else in the washer.  I didn't want to risk the paint running or something and wrecking other clothes.  

And just like that you made your own personalized shirts!  Let me know how they turn out, or if you have any questions leave a comment and I'll try to answer them as fast as I can!  

A perfect shirt for a perfect little boy! :)

Side note:  I have never done this but it could be another option.  Get freezer paper {you can buy it in the section with tinfoil and stuff} trace your design on the freezer paper {I have no writing ability so I just prefer to print mine off but if you are crafty or don't have a printer this might be the better way!} Cut it out and iron it onto the shirt {no glue required} paint, dry, iron, wash, wear!- sounds pretty easy maybe I'll have to try it that way on another shirt- cause you can never have to many!  

If you want to try it this way this girl is pretty awesome and has a few tutorials (and a free printable on one of them!)  Good luck, happy crafting! 

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