Wednesday, July 30, 2014


WATCHING: Kelly and Michael, my favorite morning show while Jenson sleeps.  (when did I turn into the mom that loves talk shows?  sheesh those used to be so lame and now I love them...)
PLAYING: at home all day, unless I can talk Babe into doing something fun today!
ENJOYING: the cooler weather, and minimum humidity.
EATING: apple cinnamon cheerios, can't get enough.
WEARING: comfy pants and shirt, all day.
HOPING: this month will fly by.
WANTING: to start our vacation already, sheesh!
MARVELING: that Jenson has been taking amazing naps lately.
WISHING: I didn't have to eat healthy to loose weight, hello brownie brittle.
FEELING: extremely bored.  With no car and Lindsay and Hailey on vacation I'm running out of things to do during the day.  On the plus side my kitchen has never been cleaner! 

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